Week 17: Steve is soft played and allowed to win because it is his 60th Birthday!

It was A HUGE GAME and a HUGE Celebration! Similar to last week when the league fell on Halloween, this week the league fell on Steve “The Godfather’s” 60th birthday! At the first break he was surprised with Balloons, cupcakes, champagne & gifts! Clive led a rousing rendition of “For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow”!

Early on Anne KK>J9 Chrissy!


Clive 22> John Gordon’s 73


In a huge hand where Jason raised preflop and Andra reraised John 89(unsuited)> Andra AA> Jason KK. Muscles flopped top pair and shoved – Andra & Jasom both got it in as well. John got his straight & the triple up crippling Andra & Jason.

Shortly after Jason & Andra were at the window

It was 1st break and time for celebrating Steve Trizis’ Birthday!

Steve KJ> SuperDave & Ed

Happy Birthday!

Steve J7♠️♠️ > Alan AQ

Jason TT>Fil AK

Allen 77> Steve 66 flush over flush

Clive AJ=John AJ

Final Table!

Steve 66>John who was out 10th

Mark QQ> Bob AK

Bob A2 chop Andra A4

Steve AQ>Bob K3

Ann>Clive for the knockout! He flopped a straight, she rivered a higher straight!

Rob AK>Allen AQ To knock him out 7th.

Steve AK>Mark AJ

Rob doubled through Ann

Ann 99 > Steve QQ –

Both were the big stacks before this hand!

Steve 45♣️♣️ > Rob TT To get the chips back that he lost to Ann!

Ann then knocked Andra out A8>KQ. Ann checked the A high flop & Andra took a chance hoping her he flopped Pair of Queens was good. Andra out 5th.

Rob AK>Jason AJ for the knockout.

In the end the final table in order of finish was:

1 Steve Trizis

2 Ann Gove

3 Rob Benford

4 Jason Barnett

5 Andra Zachow

6 Mark Winchell

7 Allen Wiseman

8 Clive Gavin

9 Bob Scholz

10 John Gordon

…… yes they let Steve win because it was his birthday

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