Week 8: Peter Pompeii is our winner

We had 36 entries this week – 9 of them rebuys! By next week we will already have four Main Event seats covered and we still have 12 weeks left in the season! We will be having a lot of league members playing the 2023 Main Event!

This week new league member Peter Pompeii got his first win of the season defeating a strong final table including 1995 WSOP $2500 Event 2nd place winner John Gordon (Actually that was one of many of John’s amazing cashed but we were talking about that one).

Following are some of the more exciting hands of the night:

Andra Zachow’s JJ<John Gordon’s QQ<Cecil Riddle’s KK. AIPF. The KK held. A Christmas miracle!

Craig Rice’s Kk>John Gordon’s TT

Andra rebought & her first hand was AA. Nice!

In a heartbreaking 💔 development Jim Collins rivered a higher straight AK>Juan’s 88 leaving Juan short—but Juan finally made it to the first break after weeks of pain and suffering!

No luck for Juan and he was out

Craig’s KK was good>Robert Winsler’s KQ. Robert was substituting for Marsha Wolak this week.

A double for Peter Pompeii through Donny Campbell

Another double for Peter through Jacob Naumann!

At the outer table Clive AQ> Matt (Steve) A9-Matt was out. It was rumored that it was a retaliation hit for Steve’s mass text messages to most of the members.

Eric Buel was all in for 7bb and Tom McDonald called with 66 – for the knockout.

Cecil QQ> Clive AK

Jake Naumann’s JJ>Joel Deutsch for the knockout

Andra’s 33<Donny’s K8 for the knockout on the river. Both were short stacks.

At the former feature table Donny had the Full House!

John Gordon KQhh>Craig’s ATo – Craig finished 9th pre-final table

Final table. Probably shouldn’t use portrait mode for final table pictures. That’s Jake waving in the distance.

John opened Donny called. John said “Good call I was bluffing”, Donny said “Me too”. Flop 2xx, John bet, Donny shoved. Don snap called with AA. Donny had 23hh and was in trouble. Donny out 8th.

Jacob was out 7th

A double knockout for Brett when his QQ>Tom McDonald’s AA>Mark Winchell’s JJ

Mark out 6th, Tom out 5th

John raised 30k on the river, Peter reraised all in and John tank folded a straight. Peter showed the flush!

A double for John Gordon and Cecil Riddle was out 4th

Peter Pompeii A3> Muscles 22
For a double up!

Peter AK> Muscles Q5. John “Muscles” Gordon out 3rd

New member Peter Pompeii got the win! Brett Pope, also new this season, took 2nd.

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Peter Pompeii

2. Brett Pope

3. John Gordon

4. Cecil Riddle

5. Tom McDonald

6. Mark Winchell

7. Jacob Naumann

8. Donny Campbell

9. Craig Rice

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