Week 7: Shawn O’Brien gets the win!

Week 7, oddly, started out with a lot of aggression. By the end of the night the top three were the same members that had finished in the top three in week 2!

Shawn was all in on the flop after Austin opened big with a couple of callers. Austin called and his AK was good.

This time Shawn O’Brien was all in again after Jim “JDawg”‘ Collins opened 2200. Andra Zachow called & Shawn shoved. Only Jim called but his TT was no good.

This time Andra’s TT was no good vs Peter Pompeii’s QT and he doubled

Andra shoved AQ after Nick Zivolich opened. He had 99 and Andra hit her A for a much needed double.

Shawn knocked Peter out

Joe Parrish knocked out Nick

Mark Winchell doubled plus through Shawn when he opened QJ 1600. 3 calls. Flop Q9ssx Mark jammed, Shawn called open ended.

At the outer table Marsha A3> Nick KJ
All in preflop for 5k

Susan McPherson J9>77 Brett Pope all in preflop 5600
Susan doubled up!

Shawn>Craig Rice

Marsha over Susan

Bret JJ > Mike Dunn AJ
All in preflop Mike out

Joel Deutsch flopped a straight and knocked Ed VanLandingham out

Herb Woodbery J9> Eric Buel 78. Eric out

Brett Pope’s K4> Marsha Wolak’s AJ

But then Marsha AK> Brett 44
Brett out

Is that RTA on Herb’s laptop??

We had our final table!

Jacob KJ> Joe Parrish AT

Marsha Wolak’s AA> Doc AJ, Doc Brown was out 9th

Joel 55> Joe P A7, Joe out 8th

Shawn QJ> John Gordon’s A9, John Gordon was out 7th. Mark Winchell was out 6th (no info)

Shawn KJ> Joel T9 river bluff style

Shawn KQ> Joel AA
All in on the river
Joel out 5th

Jacob QQ> Herb A7,

Jacob 96> Herb 88
Herb out 4th

Shawn > Jacob
Jake 3rd

Shawn O’Brien 96> Marsha Wolak’s 66 for the win! We had the same top 3 as week 2 with Shawn O’Brien, Marsha Wolak & Jacob Naumann-Shawn on top this time.

The final table in order of finish was:

  1. Shawn O’Brien
  2. Marsha Wolak
  3. Jacob Naumann
  4. Herb Woodbery
  5. Joel Deutsch
  6. Mark Winchell
  7. John Gordon
  8. Joe Parrish
  9. Doc Brown