Spring League Week 5: Deb Farmer takes first and moves up to top 3, Jason Barnett takes sole possession of the top spot!

img_5893With the two Derek’s hot on her heels, Deb “Debizzle” Farmer pulled off the win this week in the spring league. The win pulled Deb back up to 3rd place with 2 top two finishes and three final tables during the first 5 weeks of play, tied with Rob Benford.    Jason Barnett is now sole holder of first place in the league with 4/5 weeks making final tables Sherry has dropped to second with 4/5 final tables as well.

Sherry was doomed to bust early when her “current husband” as he is now known, Allen, broke the rules they have in place and wished her not only good luck, but he said “you are going to win Babe”.  It is known that such statements before a game are actually bad luck and Sherry was out early, rebought and was out pretty quick again.  It is felt that Allen is resenting her 4/5 weeks of final tables and second place and it may not have been accidental that those statements were made.

Mark Winchell did not final table this week but tried when he doubled up through Derek C. when his AA>AKhh.  It was not to be and he was out before the final table.

Rob tripled up vs Sherry and Clive when AK>KQ KQ when K flopped eliminating Sherry.  Rob was later the “bubble boy” when Deb knocked him out.img_5900

Mike “Gascard” Collins ran trips into Derek C.’s straight flush which was the start of an incredible run good.  img_5917Gascard was out 9th.  Derek C. had KK >. Ken B.’s AA > Dave Bennett’s A8hh to knock both of them out in 6th and 7th place.

Derek W., who had an amazing run in the colossus last summer, was out third but maintained a good stack for most of the evening.  img_5899

In the epic heads up battle between Derek C. and Deb “Debizzle” Farmer one hand stood out.  Debizzle on the button preflop called with 56dd – nice suited connectors.  img_5900-1Derek checked and it was off to the flop.  A34ddd gave Debizzle a flush and open ended straight flush draw.  Derek led out with a bet which Deb smooth called.  The turn was 3h.  Derek bet, Deb calls again.  The river is the miracle 7d to complete Debizzle’s straight flush.  Derek bet again and Deb raised 2x.  Derek called.  Wow what a hand!

With 15 weeks left any new members who wish to start next week must play all 15 weeks to qualify. Next week is the last chance to start. It is definitely possible for anyone to win still due to the structure of the league.

The final table in order of finish this week was:

  1.  Deb “Debizzle Farmer
  2. Derek “Muscles too” Csanadi
  3. Derek Worley
  4. Ed Sojack
  5. Jason Barnett
  6. Ken Brown
  7. Dave Bennett
  8. SuperDave Kaucher
  9. Gascard
  10. Don Dean
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