Week 21: Final Winners Determined! Strizis, Parrish, Winchell and Barnett top the Spring League!

Week 21 is the final week of Spring League. Three $10K WSOP Main Event seats and one $3500 seat go to our top 4 finishers. Steve Trizis has guaranteed his $10k seat and four players are duking it out for the three remaining prizes: Joe Parrish, Jason Barnett, and Mark Winchell. This is a HUGE GAME this week. The new Summer season starts June 3rd!

Early on we had a very anti-climatic hand between One Eye Dave and the Godfather.

Doc AJ
Clive Q9
Alex J8

Joe Parrish’s AK<Mark Winchell’s AT then his AQ<Doc Brown’s KK and he was the bubble. Joe, currently in 2nd, has a strong lead so the 3 remaining players Mark, Jason & One Eyed Dave have some work to do.

We had our final table!

AT>A6 Steve out 8th

Jason out 7th, Mark out 6th. They are now tied in points. Dave Miller needed to finish 3rd to win a seat!

Andrea’s flush was good, causing Chrissy’s foul language, again, to make an appearance (she actually only said “Good hand” but we know she didn’t mean it.)

Dave Miller came soooo close but was out 5th -Mark & Jason are tied for 3rd for spring season!

SuperDave is out 4th

…..and Chrissy was out 3rd. Another good finish.

In the end it was The Dragon, Andrea Ruosi, who was 1st this week besting Doc Brown.

The final table table in order of finish was:

1 Andrea “The Dragon” Ruosi

2 Donald “Doc” Brown

3 Chrissy “Ladies Rule” Holubeck

4 SuperDave Kaucher

5 OleOneEye Dave Miller

6 Mark “Best player in the league” Winchell

7 Jason “The Bronze Boxer” Barnett

8 Steve “The Godfather” Trizis

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