Week 10: A chop for Cecil Riddle & Likang Berninger

Week 10 was another win for Team Riddle/Zivolich with the chop of Cecil Riddle & Likang Berninger subbing for Joe Parrish. Joe is solid in first place on the season leaderboard (even without this win from Likang). We are 1/2 way through the season and all members can still get a Main Event seat -there are 140 more final table points available by the end of the season.

Big thanks to our reporters Jake Naumann & Mark Winchell this week filling in for Andra, and Tina for substituting.

Tina Pridgen Dub over Cecil Riddle

GG Joel- Dave Bennett called JoelDeutch ‘s all-in with “nine-high like a boss” and flops the nuts

Cecil JJ > Austin Fowler’s QQ aipf

Austin A5> Jason Barnett 88

Craig Rive AT> Tina K7. Tina opened & craig, short, called.

Huge pot between Dave Bennett and Shawn O’Brien, Shawn gets paid off on the river

Cecil AJ> Tina AK

Steve Trizis & Brett Pope All in on the flop. Steve had the 7. Brett rivered 2 pair.

Likang busts Victor Iemolo, all-in on the flop

Austin TT > Doc Brown A5
Doc out

Craig A8> Pete Pompeii 77 aipf

Down to two tables

Herb Woodbery busts Steve AIPF. He also did not say nice hand.

Cecil QJ> Peter 9T
All in on turn

Cecil went from 6k to this

But then…

Dave B 66> Cecil AA aipf

Chrissy Holubeck doubles through Juan Dacosta

Chrissy doubles again through Brett, no sweat

Herb could not survive with AJ against AK vs “The Brett”

Shawn “All I do is win” O’Brien wins aipf with ATo vs Eric Buel’s QQ

The Brett hero calls ace-high vs Marsha Wolak and wins a big one. Might have to call Joe Ingram on that one.

Clive “The Wanker” Gavin shoves the flop with top pair and gets called by Shawn. Clive holds strong

Craig AK>Jason QT aipf
Jason out

Mark Winchell KK<Cecil QJ

Juan AK> Brett TT aipf

JuanAK> Clive KJ

Dan Johnson, subbing for for Tom McDonald this week, KJ>Austin QQ

Eric AK> Marsha KT

Chrissy AT> Austin QQ – Austin out leaving 11 left!

Juan AQ > Marsha 88
Marsha bubble

Shawn KJ> Eric AT
Eric 9th

Chrissy TT> Likang A9
Chrissy dub red d C

Craig AQ> Chrissy AK, then

Shawn77>Chrissy Q5d
Chrissy out 8.

Cecil JT > Craig 88. A double for Cecil.

Cecil 44>Likang KJ > Shawn AQ
Cecil triple

Cecil 99> Shawn A6
Cecil dub again

Juan K3>Shawn xx

Juan KT>Shawn AJ aipf
Shawn 7th

Likang AK>Craig KQ aipf
Likang dub

Craig K5>Brett A4
Craig dub was AI in the bb

Craig T7> Brett J5

Dan T4>Brett 84
Dan dub

BrettKT> Dan 22 > 88. Dan out 6 for Tom

Craig 97 > Brett 85

Juan T4>Craig KJ
Craig 5th. Juan was the bb, Craig was short. Juan has the chip lead with 250k++

Likang QQ>Brett QT aipf

Likang KK> Juan 54cc, Juan 4th

Cecil AT>Likang 89

Cecil AJ>Likang K9

Cecil KQ> Likang J8

1st was a Chop for Cecil Riddle & Likang Berninger (playing for Joe Parrish) , Brett Pope 3rd

The final table in order of finish was;

1. Cecil Riddle/Likang (Joe) Berninger

3. Brett Pope

4. Juan DaCosta

5. Craig Rice

6. Dan (Tom M) Johnson

7. Shawn O’Brien

8. Chrissy Holubeck

9. Eric Buel

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