Week 8: Lawyer Joe gets the win! Duckman appealing.

It was level one and Austin Fowler did not let John Iemolo see any more cards by shoving 12K.

Darryl Woodruff folded trip Kings on the river when Austin went all in with a four flush on the board. It was level two by now.

Doc Brown had the perfect hand when his QQ>Jason’s JJ>Mark Winchell’s 66 on a 999 flop

Jim “JDawg” Collins tried to steal a hand but He should have feared the beard (Darryl).

After her 77 lost to Tinas’s 84 she tripled up through Dave Bennett and John Gordon.

Mark W was all in preflop with AQss, Doc Brown called and hit his K on the river for the knockout.

John’s rivered straight was good for a full double through Tina!

We had our final table!

Tina was all in preflop and Doc Brown got the knockout. Tina was our 9th place finisher.

Austin was all in, noone called.

John hit the straight to crack Andra’s AA leaving her with 1700 behind. She was out 8th soon after.

Paul Ladisa doubled through Doc Brown straight>Straight after Doc flopped it and Paul turned it.

Darryl’s QQ>Austin’s A8ss for the knockout in 7th

John Gordon was all in but Paul hit the straight to knock him out.

Doc Brown’s Queen held when he snd Darryl had club flush draws that missed. A full double for Doc.

Darryl’s good run was over when he ran into Paul’s TT finishing 5th.

At 2500/5000 Marv “The Duckman” Karlins opened 28,000 and Joe Parrish called. After a 22Q flop the Duckman was all in. Joe tanked quite awhile finally folding A high. Marv had AA, he doesn’t always have a 2.

The 22 was meaningless, they chopped the hand 3 ways.

PaulAT>DocB QT Doc Brown finished 4th

Joe 77> Paul A6
Joe double

Joe 89> Paul 66
Paul Ladisa out 3rd

Joe Parrish’s KK > Marv “The Duckman” Karlins’ 44 for the win!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Joe Parrish

2. Marv Karlins

3. Paul Ladisa

4. Doc Brown

5. Darryl Woodruff

6. John Gordon

7. Austin Fowler

8. Andra Zachow

9. Tina Pridgen