Spring League Week 4: It’s Youth over Beauty…..for the week

Trey Harrell ran pure in week 4 of the poker league to take first place.  img_5840Second place finisher Sherry Wiseman has now made 4 of 4 final tables and is now tied for first place for the season with Jason Barnett.

The night started out with some bad beats when Chrissy’s Aces were cracked by Tina’s KT.  “How do you call with that?!” Chrissy muttered as she went and took her frustration out on the cash players.

John “Muscles” Gordon, one of the better players in the Tampa Bay area who has seen some TV time during his poker career,  did some serious damage to Chris Hyden when img_5852he flopped a straight and Chris tank called his All in on the river.  Chris mucked his hand when he saw the straight so we’ll never know if he was playing 72o.   Muscles then finished Chris off  69cc>J9dd when a 6 came on the river.  Chris rebought.

At the break most of the players were surprised to find the bathroom closed for cleaning. The ladies prevailed because they never do that to the ladies.

img_5817Mark Winchell, who has final tabled 3 of 4 final tables so far,  knocked out one of our ladies, Deb Farmer, who has made final tables 2 out of the first four weeks.  In the same hand he took 5300 from SuperDave.  Later SuperDave doubled back up through Mark with KJo>AQdd.   SuperDave had an amazing start last season (thus the name “SuperDave”)  and is looking to duplicate and keep it going until the end of the season.

Rob Benford, short stacked,  who won a seat in the Main last season and ran very hot through the end of last season, had a great break when he ran his K high flush draw img_5833(K6ss) into Jim “All In”  Brinkley’s A high flush draw (A5) and caught a six on the turn to win the hand. Rob’s luck ran out and he had to rebuy when his straight ran into Jason Barnett’s full house.  Jason, a new player this season, is running super hot with 3 out of four final tables and all three top 4 finishes.  He is now tied for first with Sherry Wiseman.

Jim Brinkley was the “bubble boy” this week much to his disappointment.  Jim is an awesome player who plays a lot of poker in the area but he’s new to the league this season.

Once the final table was set Ed knocked out Chris and Tom pretty quickly in one hand.img_5853

There was a lot of chip movement at the final table when Ken Brown damaged Trey’s stack when his JJ>AKcc with two clubs on the board.  Then Trey took chips from SuperDave with QQ>AJ and SuperDave was out 8th.  Sherry’s JJ>Ken with Sherry shoving preflop.  Ken must not know Sherry very well because he called with that 44.  The QQKK Board did not help Ken and he was out 7th. Trey doubled through Ed with KQ>AJ when a Q came on the flop and he rivered a K.  Rob was out 6th when his straight flush draw and JJ on the turn were destroyed by Ed’s Full house on the river.

Mark had a chance to double when he shoved with AJdd on an Ax4d5d flop. Trey tanked awhile and called with Q5ss. It was looking good for Mark until Trey had runner runner img_5839spades and Mark was out 5th.  Mark was not pleased but couldn’t stay mad when Trey messaged him later. img_5851

Trey double his stack again when Ed raised in position and Trey jammed from the big blind.  Ed had JJ, Trey Pocket threes.  The flop included a 3 and that left Ed still with a decent stack but Trey starting to dominate the table.  Jason Barnett who was low stack for awhile was then out 4th.

Trey shoved with QTcc and Ed called with 86ss.  Trey it the Q on the flop and Ed a 6.  Ed picked up a flush draw on the turn but ultimately lost most of his chips in a 300K pot.  Ed was out shortly after in 3rd.

Trey now had a massive chip lead and was heads up with Sherry.  Alan waited patiently at the cash table while Sherry, again, was there until the end.

In the end Trey was the winner for the night.

The final table in order of finish was:

  1. Trey “Youth” Harrell
  2. Sherry “Beauty” Wiseman
  3. Ed Sojack
  4. Jason Barnett
  5. Mark  “Andra’s Husband” Winchell
  6. Rob Benford
  7. Ken Brown
  8. SuperDave Kaucher
  9. Tom Klements
  10. Chris “Awesome Hair” Hyden