Week 3: Nitfest: Mark and Jason top the field!

Week three found Clive Gavin back for the new season after some travel kept him away at the start. Steve Trizis and John Gordon were down in Hollywood for the huge WPT event using the skills obtained in the league. We are up to 16 players and with a few rebuys each week we are in good position to award our WSOP prize packages at the end of the season.

The big winners this week were Mark Winchell and Jason Barnett. The chop this week moves Mark into 1st place tied with “The Good” Dave Miller.

The night started painfully when Doc Brown’s 55<The Good Dave’s (Miller) KK And Doc was sent to the window

Shortly after rebuying, Doc was in trouble again, this time when Joe’s AQ>Doc T5suited

Doc flopped 2 pair, but a paired board on the river gave Joe 2 pair. Doc complained about Joe calling his shove on the turn…

Bob’s KK >Good Dave’s QQ All in preflop

This week Clive rejoined the league and ran up his stack quickly.  Right before break Clive sent Chrissy to the window

After the break Andra KK>SuperDave’s QQ when the flop produced KK for quads.

In a HUGE hand (no pics) at 300/600 Andra three bet Tina’s 3.5x initial raise to about 8.5x with 99 and Tina called with AQ. That didn’t work out so well for Andra and she was drained of most of her stack.

Andra’s 22 > Mark when when it straightened out

Mark AK>Tina AQ for a double up

After a bunch of limps at 400/800 Andra with 7900 woke up with JJ. She shoved and Joe P called with KQ and a K in the window sent her to the rail.

Jason KK > Bob Scholz AJ for the knockout

On the final table bubble Chrissy was all in but no callers. Shortly after she was the bubble when her flopped two pair was bested by the river.

We had our final table!

Alex Brown AQ>Andrea KQ for a double up

Tina AQ>Lori AJ all in preflop. It was one of those Ohh OHHHHH hands when a J on the turn gave Lori a set but a Q on the river gave it to Tina 

Lori was all in with 2ish bb and after a bunch of callers she was our 8th place finisher.  Lori is 2/2 for final tables since she started week 2.

Joe > Andrea for the knockout

Jason was all in and his J7=Alex J7. Tina fold AQss face up expecting Jason, a known nit, to actually have a hand.

Clive was all in with AJ, but when Alex called with AQ Clive was out the door 6th

Mark doubled through Alex Brown when he was all in on the flop and rivered a straight over Alex’s flopped set of threes.

Mark was all in and Joe asked for a count, Mark’s ATdd bested Joe’s 44 when a Q on the river counterfeited Joe’s two pair. A big double for Mark!

Joe was all in with JJ, but Jason’s AQ sent him to the rail 5th

Jason’s 77>Alex’s 33 and then there were 3!

Tina was all in on the flop with JTo and Jason’s A9 was no good

JasonQ7<Tina JJ

in the end Tina finished 3rd

We had a chop for 1st with Mark and Jason

The final table in order of finish was:

Mark Winchell/Jason Barnett Chop 1st

Tina Pridgen 3

Alex Brown 4

Joe Parrish 5

Clive Gavin 6

Andrea Ruosi 7

Lori Schulte 8

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