Fall 2017 League Week 22: We have our top 5! Steve is our winner!

Yes, the results are in!  We are going to be RICH when our top five play the Main Event this year! $8,000,000 X 10% is a lot!!!! How can we lose?!!!!  We have not only Steve Trizis, who came in first and dominated the league this season,  going to the Main, but Rob Benford, Tonia Williams, Barry Jacobs, and Fil Khavin!  These are some of the top players in the Tampa Bay Area.  And on top of that we have 6 more playing minor events – Derek Csanadi, The Dons (Dean and Anderson), John “Muscles” Gordon, and Bob Scholz and Sherry Wiseman who agreed to chop the 10th place prize.  See the Final Standings page for the full results.

It was an exciting night with so many in reach of a prize package – all the way down the the 17th place participants who still had a shot at top 10 through week 21.  The new structure of the league this season made the league very exciting and gave many opportunities to win all the way to the end.  This structure will continue next season with the added change of allowing one rebuy.  There were many early bad beats where players weren’t ready to go home yet and were forced to play three card (or one card) poker at the tables.  It was terrible seeing that pain and suffering.   This will also allow more funds to pay out as prizes at the end of the season.  Check out the information page for how the League operates and invite your fellow poker playing friends to join the league this Spring starting January 11th.

The night started like any other except everyone was very aware of what they needed to do to make the top 5 or 10 and if they didn’t know someone was telling them.  Andra started chipping up winning small pots early.  After a downturn she ended up all in with pocket 9s and Gino called with his ss and Derek who had about 15K+ decided to join the pot with 6 8 off (if memory serves me right).  Derek rivered a FH and knocked both Gino and Andra out and built a pretty strong stack.

Steve, who had 11 final tables, got into a hand with Derek where he raised and Derek and Bob S called.  The flop was 2x Tx Td.  Derek bet and Steve min raised with QTxx Derek called and Bob S folded.  The turn was Qd.  Derek check called Steve’s bet.  The river was Ad giving Steve his FH.  Derek bet out  2500 and Steve shoved with 7500.  Derek folds 2-2 face up.  Awesome fold. He flopped FH.

img_2277img_5364As the players reached the final table Steve knocked out Rob who has made 11 final tables of 21 weeks he played, 22>AK.  Dugg knocked Tonia out.  Tonia represented the ladies all season with top 5 standing for most of the season and 11 final tables.  Paul then knocked Steve out but it was stated that we should let the record show that Steve was ahead and Paul sucked out.

When it was down to 4 players Rob, who was watching from the rail, made sure Derek knew that he needed third to make top 5.  Shortly after that Steve was out.  Rob then let Derek know that actually he needed second to beat Fil who, with 4 wins, would be ahead in any tie.  Dugg and Paul would have none of that and Derek ended his run with a third place finish for the week.  With the tie with Fil he had to take a minor package due to Fil’s 4 wins – the tie breaker is number of wins for the season.img_5365

img_5382The final hand, with Dugg and Paul about even in chips, occurred when Paul shoved preflop with  62dd.  Dugg called with JT after going in the tank.  The board ran out without improving Paul’s MONSTER hand and Dugg won for the week.

The weekly finish:

  1. Dugg
  2. Paul
  3. Derek
  4. Steve
  5. Tonia
  6. Rob
  7. John “Muscles”
  8. Don Anderson
  9. Sherry
  10. Bob Scholz

For the players who are in good standing and played the last 3 out of the last 5 weeks the official LOSERS LOUNGE FREEROLL will take place on January 4!  Players who did not win a package will be eligible to win one or two more packages!  How sweet is that!???