Week 9: A chop for Austin Fowler & Doc Brown!

Doc Brown was on fire last Thursday and seemed unbeatable, but Austin Fowler, one of the shortest stacks at the final table, ran up his stack chopping 1st place for the week with Doc. With this 1st place finish Austin moved up into 3rd place on the season leaderboard! With 11 weeks left everyone is still in the running for a Main Event seat!

Marv Karlins was all in pretty early, but no callers

GingerDave was sent to the rail when Jim “JDawg” Collins’ JJ>99 after a bricky flop.

JDawg continued rolling over the table when his KK>Victor’s JJ. They both had a set by the turn but Jim held.

Paul Ladisa was all in for 5800, JDawg called and Marv called. There was an A high flop with two spades. Marv shoved and JDawg folded. It was Ax vs Paul’s 33. A 3 on the turn gave Paul the win and a triple up!

Jason Barnett was all in and Paul called. Jason had flopped two pair with his A9 and Paul’s AQ was no good.

Austin Fowler was all in but Steve Trizis, subbing for Mark Winchell, had AK for the win.

A chop for Paul & Marv

Paul was all in with 99 and Marv called with 33. A full double up!

Steve turned quad twos!

GingerDave Miller’s 88 was no good when Jason, in a quite un-nit like move, rivered a straight.

Marv doubled through Steve when Steve flopped top pair but Marv had QQ.

Marv was all in and then all out when his A9<Jason’s AK

Victor Iemolo doubled through JDawg

On the second break Doc Brown was our chip leader with heaps

We had our final table!

Andra Zachow was all in vs John Gordon and behind on the flop but she turned the set to stay alive!

Andra ‘s 99 could not fade John’s AJ and she was out in 9th place.

A double up for Rob Benford

Paul Ladisa’s A9hh>Jason’s AJ he rivered the flush.

A double up for Austin!

Rob, short, shoved A7 into Steve’s AA and was our 8th place finisher.

Paul Ladisa finished 7th when he shoved into Victor’s QQ

Jason’s “wider range” experiment did not work and Steve got the knockout! Jason finished 6th.

A double for Austin Fowler with AA vs Doc Brown

And then AA again for Austin – two in a row!

A double for John Gordon through Victor

And Victor was out 5th.

Steve finished 4th this week. Thanks for substituting for Mark!

John Gordon finished 3rd this week. John’s within one point of third place of the season leaderboard. He’s been running good this season and 1st-3rd better watch out,

In the end Austin Fowler ran up his short stack to chop with Doc Brown!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Austin Fowler/Doc Brown Chop

2. Chop

3. John Gordon

4. Mark (Steve) Winchell

5. Victor Iemolo

6. Jason Barnett

7. Paul Ladisa

8. Rob Benford

9. Andra Zachow

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