Week 11: Shawn O’Brien crushes the field and guess who was third!

All the cool kids were here this week! Note that attendance is important as the players or a substitute must play 17 of the 20 weeks in the season! There is a point awarded each week for attendance and sometimes a Main Event seat is missed by only one point!

Supporting National Savings Day


This week we were celebrating “National Savings Day” which was October 12th. 6 players decided to increase the League’s savings by another $200 each by rebuying. We’ve had 76 players contribute an extra $200 so far this season. Thank you all for acknowledging this special day!

Current top 10

With this week’s win, Shawn O’Brien has jumped 9 places from 18th to 9th on the season leaderboard. A couple top finishes can pull anyone into serious contention for a WSOP Seat! Karl Man & Dan Johnson have swapped 1st & 2nd place. Alan “Third place” Thomas had his 4th 3rd place in the last 5 weeks! One more of those and he could top the leaderboard! Aaron Thivyanathan moved up from 22nd to 11th with his 2nd place finish. We are hoping, based on the current participation levels, to award 7 WSOP Main Event seats!

This Week’s Action

Darryl Woodruff bested Steve Deloach

Rob Cotto running hot with the better trips sending Andra Zachow packing

Sick double up
Mike Ozer A9 > Twitch Anderson’s KK
K on the river for straight 😳

Alan Thomas wins vs Walt Rossi

We had our final table!

Final Table Action

Shawn O’Brien J4> Cecil Riddle’s TT
Cecil 9th

Shawn QT> Dan Johnson’s 99
Dan 8th

Alan Thomas’ QQ> Rob Cotto’s AK
Rob 7th

Shawn 33> Eric Klatt’s AJ
Eric 6th

Chrissy Holubeck Q8> Alan Tomas’ 86hh
Chrissy doubled up!

But then…

Shawn J9> Chrissy’s KT
Chrissy 5th

Shawn’s unders beat her overs ouch

Shawn A2>Karl Man’s J4
Karl 4th

Shawn A4 > Alan QQ Wow!
Alan 3rd

Shawn Q8 > Aaron A3
Aaron 2nd

Shawn O’Brien was our week 11 winner!

1. Shawn O’Brien

2. Aaron Thivyanathan

3. Alan Thomas

4. Karl Man

5. Chrissy Holubeck

6. Eric Klatt

7. Rob Cotto

8. Dan Johnson

9. Cecil Riddle