Week 18: Jim “JDawg” Collins gets the win!

With two weeks left this season in the Tampa Bay Elite Poker League, Jim “JDawg” Collins had a much needed win to move into 9th place, tied with Jim Brinkley with 78 points. 6th-11th place are all within 6 points of each other and 10 points behind Dave Bennett who is is currently in 5th place. There are 30 points still up for grabs and most still have a chance to win one of the five coveted WSOP Main Event seats!

Jim “Ddawg” started the night on fire when he shoved the river in a big hand with John Gordon and got the fold and then ran his Aces into Austin’s KK for heaps!

At the outer table Joe Parrish and Ryan Marin got it all in pre JJ<AA
Joe was sent back to the window.

Jacob Naumann, currently leading the league in points, was all in, JDawg called & Tina called. JDawg added heaps to his heaps!

John Iemolo called Darryl’s all in after flopping the straight!

At 300/500 Andra opened 1000, JDawg raised to 4k and Marv shoved. Andra folded and Jim tank folded. Marv showed QQ

We had our final table!

A chop for Jim & Tina

Tina’s 88 did not survive when Jim B hit his K for the knockout! Jim missed the first few weeks of the league and is positive he would be in 1st place if he had started at week 1.

Victor opened and Jason shoved. Jason’s 33 was no good and he was out 8th.

Victor was all in with two callers. Ryan got the knockout with T4cc.

John Iemolo was all in with 66 when Ryan Marin woke up with KK.

Austin hit his 2 but JDawg rivered the T for the knockout

JDawg was all in, Andra called with 2bb and Jim B called. JDawg had AA and knocked both out. Jim B had more chips so he was 3rd, Andra 4th for some much needed points to keep her within reach.

Jim’s hand on top Ryan on bottom. Allin on flop. Ryan had 216k. Jim had 184k. 2 hands later A3 vs AT allin preflop.

Jim 1st
Ryan 2nd

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Jim Collins

2. Ryan Marin

3. Jim Brinkley

4. Andra Zachow

5. Austin Fowler

6. John Iemolo

7. Victor Iemolo

8. Jason Barnett

9. Tina Pridgen

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