Week 18: Ed V & Shawn O chop it up much against their better judgement!!!

Week 18 Plamen subbed for Peter Pompeii, our sub policy lets other people try out the league!

Between weeks 17 & 18 on December 6th we hosted a fun Christmas party for past and present members & guests. The white elephant brought out that poker player aggression! Thank you to Chrissy & Andra for planning this! We also celebrated Chrissy’s birthday which was the next day.

….back to week 18

Shawn O’Brien fell victim to Joel Deutsch’s run good in level one. Steve had offered free breakfast for knocking out a short list of players (he is the Godfather…).

Andra Zachow ‘s AA bested Jason Barnett who thought his aggressive calling could get her to fold. Unfortunately his Q came and when Andra shoved he snap called to be sent to the rail. We found out later he was at the wrong table. Andra was at the wrong table too but that was because Doc Brown was at the wrong table in her seat. Jason rebought and came back to the feature table, but Shawn was in his seat, because again, Jason was at the wrong table.

After multiple straighty looking flops and Victor folding hands that would have won if he played them, he finally hit his straight with 66 doubling through Dave Bennett.

Joel took the rest of Dave Bennett’s chips.

Later, down to two tables, Juan busted with Q3.. he got it in with Joel (KK) and Ed (88) and Ed’s set of 8’s held up for a huge pot

We had our final table!

Joel Q8cc>Jacob KJss aipf
Joel doubled!

Ed QQ> Joel J7
Joel 9th

Tom QQ> Clive AJss
Clive out 8th

Jake AK> Plamen AT
Plamen out 7th

Jason KQ> Shawn JJ
Jason doubled

Ed JJ > Tom A8cc
Tom out 6th

Ed AJ> Jim J8
Jim 5th

Ed Q4> Jason A6 > Jake A3
Jason out 4th No pic

Ed KK> Jake 34
Jake 3rd

Ed VanLandingham and Shawn O’Brien chopped after discussing earlier that they wouldn’t. This is two in a row for Ed who had a sub, Ian Feller, chop first week 16.

1. Chop – Ed Vanlandingham and Shawn O’Brien


3. Jacob Naumann

4. Jason Barnett

5. Jim Collins

6. Tom McDonald

7. Plamen/Peter Lompeii

8. Clive Gavin

9. Joel Deutsch

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