Week 4: Andra “short stack specialist” Zachow takes first for the week and on the leaderboard!

Week four  winner Andra Zachow is the only member who has made final tables four of the first four weeks this season and it has propelled her to first place overall after getting the win this week.  Andra was down to three big blinds when there were about four left img_0573late Thursday night, one of them, Darryl, had a monster stack and it looked like it was a sure win for him.  The cards did not agree and in the end things changed up and after finding herself heads up with Ed Sojack, who has 3 final tables during these first 4 weeks, after a few shoves by both players Andra got the win around 1am!  Andra won a $10K Main Event seat last season already and is going for her second which will enable her to play more Vegas events this summer.  Definitely a bucket list summer for Andra.

Some hands during the evening follow:

Seated at the feature table, Matt Trizis, substituting for Dave Bennett, had  A3> Clive AT for the knock out. Clive shoved when he flopped A23 and Matt tank called and held.

Matt T’s  KJss> Ed Sojack 89o and Ed headed back to the window.  Matt won a minor event package last season and is taking this season off prior to the WSOP.

Seated back at the feature table, one seat over from his original seat Ed Sojack 95♣️♣️ held over Matt Trizis’ AK

Meanwhile at the outer table, things got loud when Derek Csanadi hit a SPADE ROYAL FLUSH >Andrea Ruosi’s ….not Royal flush (he had a smaller flush).   Magic happens in the TBEPL!

Muscles down to a short stack doubled up when his KK>Derek A7♣️♣️

Andra Zachow’s 66> Andrea Ruosi’s AK to double!  She said she had to fold 66 three times earlier in the evening.  She was born in ’66 and feels like it should be a lucky hand.  Generally it isn’t though.

Andrea Ruosi’s A8 > Derek A5

Paul AAA> Doc Brown J9 two pair no good!

In another hand earlier (no pic) at the feature table 200/400/400 Doc Brown limped under the gun and Matt called.   Paul called on the button and Mark made it 2200 w/AK in the small blind. Mo folded, Doc called and the rest folded.  They checked it down.  Doc B had 68 off – he hit 6 on turn for the win. Mark was not amused.

Andrea R 66>Derek AQ.  Apparently 66 not so bad during the second half of the night.

Eric was all in reraising Rob. Rob tank folded, Eric showed AK♣️♣️

Jason A9> Andrea R AQ

Andrea R 55>Darryl for a Double

Tampa Bay notable Jacob Naumann KQ>Vittario Iemolo (substituting for Barry this week) K2  for the knockout!  Jacob just returned from the Borgata where he cashed a WPT event 9 days after a nice cash in Hollywood at the Lucky Hearts Poker Open.

Darryl’s KJ>Andrea Ruosi’s TT

Andra Zachow AK>Derek A2.  Derek reraised Andra and she shoved.

Mo and Dave chop up Steve’s chips.  Not very nice of them.

Derek A9♣️♣️>Jason 99 when an A came on the turn.

Andra A9>Rob 33.  Rob shoved his short stack and got the call from Andra.

We had our Final table!

Ed Sojack AK=Eric AK. That was anticlimactic

Jacob QQ>Eric AK for the knockout in 10th.

Mo vs Darryl.   That was also anticlimactic.

Everyone was having a great time at the final table!

Derek AQ>Jacob KJ

Paul, last week’s winner, had  A9>Jacob A5 for the knockout

Andra Zachow had AK>Derek AQ

Darryl JT>Paul A4

Mo Q3>Darryl A9

Darryl KT> SuperDave Kaucher Q6 for the knockout.  SuperDave may have been tired. It was getting pretty late.

Ed K9>Darryl A2.  Because it’s Derby Lane.  Ca-Nine.  Get it?

Darryl KK> Mark A9 for the knockout.

Mo 8T> Ed S A6

Ed J4>Darryl K2

Andra’s  KJ>Darryl 77.  This is where she started building up her short stack.

Andra AT> Darryl 77> Mo A8 for a triple up ++

Andra AQ>Darryl KK for a HUGE double.  This was a game changer – Darryl had a huge stack and this hurt.

Andra KQ>Darryl K8 for another big win.

Andra>Darryl for the late night knockout in 3rd place.

Now we were heads up:   Ed Sojack vs Andra Zachow

Ed shoved the first hand and Andra folded.  Shortly after Andra Zachow shoved  KJ,  Ed Sojack called with QJ.  The KJ held and we had our week four winner!

Week 4 winner Andra Zachow


The final table in order of finish was:

1 Andra “Ladies First” Zachow

2 Ed Sojack

3 Darryl Woodruff

4 Mo Maher

5 Mark Winchell

6 SuperDave Kaucher

7 Paul Mastella

8 Derek Csanadi

9 Jacob”Notable” Naumann

10 Eric Buel

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