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Fall League 2023

Fall League Starts Thursday, August 3, 2023 at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg and registration is open for a few weeks. The league plays weekly on Thursdays at 6:30pm.   If you would like to join or get more information contact Mark Winchell, Andra Zachow, Jason Barnett or Steve Trizis to reserve your spot. Contact info later in this post.

Pay the $200 weekly entry fee at the tournament window.   Registration is open for several weeks as long as we have room – you must play at least 17 of the 20 weeks (or have a sub-see below policy).  We are expecting quite a lot of participants in the league after members won 15 seats to the 2023 WSOP .  You’ll want to join asap as you receive one point for attendance each week and those are pretty valuable!

You may pick someone to be a substitute to cover any issues/conflicts that may occur during the season up to 6 times unless otherwise approved by the committee. The $200 must be paid.  The substitute will be paid any cash won (how or if you share that is up to you) but points will go to you.  This will be a great way to introduce new players to our league, or get some celebrities to play in it!

E-mail: mwin66@yahoo.com or talk to him, Andra, Jason Barnett, Steve Trizis, or other league members for more info. Follow our website Tampabaypoker.com for updates and subscribe to out blog for weekly updates and pictures.  Follow our facebook page “Elite Tampa Bay Poker League” for updates as well.  You may also message us there.

The Elite Tampa Bay Poker League is a great way to kick your game up a notch. There are weekly prizes in addition to the points going to the season end prizes so that can help offset your cost to play.  Its a great group of people! 

With help from a legal professional who participates in the league, we’ve put together a complete set of rules for everyone to sign off on since so many random issues seem to come up. This will make sure everyone has a full understanding of the League rules and how things work and cover any “what ifs” that can come up. There’s a link to a pdf of the rules at the bottom of this page and we’ll ask you to sign a copy/initial the pages by the time your fee is paid for the season. Versus us making 40+ additional copies please save the pdf for your own copy (or make a copy of what we give you to sign before turning it in).

See the general rules and info below but read the pdf at the bottom of the page for all of the details:

Other Rules below:

 Tournament Info

*League Will run every Thursday @ 6:30 pm at Derby Lane starting August 3, 2023

*$300 Fee to join all of which goes to prize package Funds (pay at the table to Jason Barnett, Treasurer)

*$200 Weekly Entry Fee ($80 Weekly Prize Pool + $10 Tourney Fee + $10 Dealer Add On + $100 Towards Prize Packages).

*Top 3 (or 10% whichever is higher) each week get paid cash and final table each week earn points.  If more than 35 members, top 4 will be paid each week.

*Tournament will follow TDA rules.

*Starting stack: 20,000

*One reentry allowed per week until 1st break only. No point added for the reentry.

*Blind levels: 20 min

Points System assuming 9 handed:

1st – 14 points

2nd – 12 points

3rd – 10 points

4th – 8 points

5th – 6 points

6th– 4 points

7th– 3 points

8th – 2 points

9th – 1 point

Plus you will get 1 point for every week you play.

Players may chop the weekly payouts, but must play out the tournament since the top 9 receive points.  When you get heads up, you may chop the points if you wish.

Any side deals or collusion in regard to points, will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification.

To avoid players from not showing up if behind in the point standings, and to guarantee the most prize packages will be awarded, all players will be required to play 17 weeks, and 3 of the last 5 weeks.  Of the $300 entry fee, a min $100 is needed on each of the 1st 3 weeks.  This fee is non-refundable under any circumstances and should be paid in full by August 17.

The end of season prize packages will include:

*Top Prizes $10,000 Vegas Seats. This prize MUST BE USED TO PLAY IN THE 2024 WSOP MAIN EVENT, or the WPT LA Poker Classic, or the WPT Wynn $10k in December, or other agreed upon tournament.  We will have as many of these as possible depending on number of participants.  We had 7 winners Fall season 2022/8 winners Winter/Spring 2023.

Minor Event Packages may be awarded as well depending on number of participants.

Year End 2nd chance Attendance Tournament “Losers Lounge”:  To encourage players not to quit, players that did not win a Prize package, and have played in at least 17 of the weekly league tournaments, AND have played in at least 3 of the final 5 weeks are eligible to participate.  This tournament will take place after week 20 and the winners minor packages to be determined. You still must pay the weekly fee (minus Derby’s fee) to get into the tournament, but 100% of this will go to whoever plays in this*.

Any leftover season monies after Main/Minor prizes will go into this Attendance tournament event.

These prizes are based on reasonable participation and are in no way guaranteed. Actual numbers will vary based on how many players enter and how many weeks each player attends. We would like to structure the season end prizes to allow at least 20-30% of league members to win a Vegas Package.

Tournament results, current standings, and updated prize pool info will be posted weekly on this website along with our blog posts with pictures and weekly information.

If at the end there is a tie in Weekly Points for the  Top Seat(s), the tie breaker will be determined in this order:

  • Most 1st place finishes (including chops) , then if tied Heads up match (best 2 out of 3), or players may chop prizes, but one must play the $10K event.

All Members agree to give 10% of their proceeds from any tournament they cash in, that was a result of buying in with $ won through the league prizes.  This $ will be disbursed evenly to all league members from the season of their win that are “in good standing” at the time of the cash.  If a player wins a tournament package and cannot fulfill their obligation to play in Vegas, they may choose to take half of the prize in cash* The money returned to the league will be used to buy 10% of other players in the WSOP.

Also, going forward there will be an executive committee to make any decisions that haven’t been addressed in the rules, or to settle any disputes. By Joining the league, you agree to follow any decisions they make.

Anyone is welcome to join our league, but we’d like to stress that our league is about fun, learning to play better, and camaraderie. That is not to say we’re not competitive, we are, but bad beats, and bad play are both major components of poker, and if you have a hard time dealing with those, then perhaps we aren’t for you. We have some beginners, as well as some “gamblers” in the league, consequently play can be wide open at times. Accept that graciously, or don’t join.

To read about each night’s play or get more familiar with our league and the players read the ongoing blog including past posts and feel free to contribute pictures/hands that you would like included – submit or text or our site admin/blogger Andra Zachow  at andra@ingallscpa.com or 727-433-3989.  Please submit by Friday morning after the prior night’s league play to be included.

Keep watching this site, the blog & facebook page for more information as that time draws near.

Feel free to e-mail or text us with any questions.

Mark, Andra, Jason & Steve

E-mail :  Mwin66@yahoo.com


Mark 727-808-5947

Andra 727-433-3989

Jason Barnett (727) 250-8449

Steve Trizis (727) 244-6077 strizis@gmail.com

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