Week 12: A Late Night (early morning) chop for Victor & Brett!

Week 12 of 20 is complete and, with his 3rd place finish this week, Joe Parrish’s top spot on our season leaderboard is ahead of 2nd by 15 points – more than a weekly win-but not out of reach. At this point we have 5 full Main Event Seats covered and 8 weeks left to cover at least a couple more so Joe is looking good to win one. There are 112 final table points left to win this season and no member is outvof it yet (some just need to kick it up a notch).

Following is some hands from the evening.

Andra Zachow opened 800, Steve jammed 11,000. Andra started to jam but just called. Shawn O’Brien jammed for a bit more than Steve’s and Andra jammed the rest of her stack.

Andra AA, Shawn KJo, Steve 69cc

As usual Steve rivered a straight, Shawn out, Andra back to starting stack.

A double up for Brett Pope through Jim Collims.

Andra and Shawn both hoping the other had the flop. Chop it up!

At the outer table

Vic K9>Juan 73
All in on the flop. Juan was out.

Vic K9>Juan 73
All in on the flop

Doc B aipf 66 > Austin AK
Doc yells for a 6 on the river and it comes

Austin A9> Vic A8, a double for Austin

Doc B 88> Dave B A5hh

MarshaAA > Clyde AT aipf
Marsha dub

Joe wondering why the dealers hate him so much.

Joe flops the nuts. He & Steve get it all in on the flop. Steve catches up (but does not pass joe) on the river.

We had our final table!

Dave Q-9 vs Nick. Nick held.

JoeAK > Marsha QQ
Marsha out 8th

Vic AJ> Eric KJ, Eric out 7th

Joe P AJ > Clyde 89, Clyde 6th

Vic JJ> Brett AK
Vic dub

Nick AK> Vic QQ. Nick doubled.

Brett shove A8
Nick call
Joe rejam
Nick fold
Joe KK

A triple up for Brett!

Victor TT> Brett J8, a double for Victor

Brett Q8> Joe P 66
Brett dub

Joe dub thru Steve

Nick A5> Steve A7.

Steve Quadrupled up
Then busted next hand.

Steve out 5th.

Joe P AJcc > KK Brett
Joe dub

Brett KQ > Nick 44. Nick out 4th.

Victor Q9 > Joe 55, Joe, who has a strong lead in first place already of the season leaderboard, finished third.

At 1:17 am Victor and Brett called it a night and chopped 1st place.

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Victor Iemolo/Brett Pope chop


3. Joe Parrish

4. Nick Zivolich

5. Steve Trizis

6. Clyde (Joel Deutsch)

7. Eric Buel

8. Marsha Wolak

9. Dave Bennett

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