Week 7: Clayton Phelps tops the Leaderboard after a Week 7 win!!

It was level two and Jason S and Todd Rivers were all in AQ vs AK. AK was good and Todd Rivers doubled his stack!

Jason S then doubled through Craig Rice, who didn’t realize how many chips Jason had. Craig was now short.

Jeff Ferrara’ s shove preflop with 88 was bad timing when Peter “Vesuvius” Pompeii woke up with QQ!

In a miracle Andra Zachow won heaps vs Trey Harrell when she flopped a set of Queens and it held vs Trey’s flush draw!

Trey was all in short and three called

Jeff was out and Todd Rivers chipped up some more!

RedHatDave Menarsky stayed alive when he doubled through Todd

Peter Pompeii bet 4500 after each street in early position with Dave Menarsky calling from the small blind. On the river Dave jammed. Peter tank folded and Dave showed 62dd

Todd tried to steal in the river after RedHatDave his his full house

Andra’s early good run ended so she went to the 1/2 game and hit a Spade Royal Flush (after the $500 high hand promo ended for the night..)

We had our final table!

All in on the turn. So gross for GingerDave Miller
Peter had the A-8

Austin 9
Dave Miller 8

Christian was our 7th place finisher. A-10 vs Clayton KK.

Steve was all in, Barbara Cardin and Clayton called. Steve was out 6th, Clayton won heaps!

A double for Jackie!

Clayton knocked out Jackie – she was 5th

Peter Pompeii was out 4th after Barb’s set of fours held!

Jim Collins and Barb bb vs sb. Both had T6 and went all in for a chop

Clayton knocked out Jim 3rd

In the end Clayton Phelps took first place, besting Barbara Cardin. His J5 to best her JT with a 4 flush

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Clayton Phelps

2. Barbara Cardin

3. Jim Collins

4. Peter Pompeii

5. Jackie Torro-Rivers

6. Steve Trizis

7. Christian Ramsey

8. GingerDave Miller

9. Austin Fowler

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