Week 10: Peter Pompeii & Jason Palacios chop 1st

Clayton & Mark had subs tonight – Jeremy (not Becker but didn’t catch his name) & league alum Derek Caanadi. We have a liberal sub policy to maximize the number of seats at the end of the season. Flexibility helps increase the number of members participating.

1/2 way through the season there are no clear seat winners and everyone still has potential!

On a 3 club flop Darryl was barreling and Peter Pompeii and George Imes kept called in the end, with 4 clubs on the board, George’s Ac should have been good…..but nooooo. Peter had a straight for heaps!!! At the outer table about 5 minutes later Marsha Wolack was knocked out when her nut flush was also best by a straight flush!

A bit later, at the same outer table, Jason Palacios flopped quads!

We had our final table less Tig Winsler who finished in the points, 9th

Trey went all-in with 77, Craig went all-in with AK suited. Trey caught a set on the flop and got the double up.

Derek Csanadi, playing for Mark Winchell, hat got a double up against Peter with QQ vs AQs

Trey got knocked out with AA against Jason S’s AJ – Trey 8th

George out 7th

Peter got a double up from Jason P. He bet 25k on the turn. Peter went all in with the straight. He had two pair. Got a full house on the river but it gave Peter a straight flush!

Red Hat Dave finished 6th and Derek Csanadi, playing for Mark Winchell, was 5th.

Craig went all-in in with QQ. Peter had AA in the button and they held up. Craig finished 4th.

Christian was short stacked and Peter called all-in. Peter had QT he had 66. Peter got a Q on the flop for the knock out. Christian 3rd

Jadon Palacios & Peter Pompeii chopped 1st place!

The final table in order of finish:

1. Peter Pompeii/Jason Palacios

2. Chop

3. Christian Ramsey

4. Craig Rice

5. Mark Winchell (Derek Csanadi)

6. RedHat Dave Menosky

7. George Imes

8. Trey Harrell

9. Tig Winsler

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