Week 20: We have our Winners!

Early in the night at the feature table, before her vodka cranberry, Jerry-playing for Red Hat Dave- couldn’t shake Andra Zachow from her 67dd when she flopped middle pair. He even 3bet pre, and bet 4500 on the flop. Andra ended up with trip 7s and he jammed his Aces. Ouch. Andra blamed Florida poker.

Andra’s a bad player and Jerry took a picture to prove it.

Peter’s flush draw did not get there and Darryl’s KK was all in to knock out our tied for 1st player Peter Pompeii.

Chrissy Holubeck, tied for 1st with Peter Pompeii, is here vying for not sharing 1st place and the trophy. They are currently tied.

Walt’s Rossi’s wheel> Nick’s KK & Darryl for a huge stack!

Christian’s K7>Jacob’s KJ when they were all in on the flop (KJ7 flop). Ouch!

A set of nines for Jason Barnett and he more than doubled after Walt called

The league gave flowers & a donation to Andra Zachow for keeping stats, the blog & other social media for league. She was very thankful! 100% of league fees go to the prize pool/WSOP seats so those extra funds given to Andra will help offset the cost of the website, trophies etc.

Chrissy’s FH>Mo’s FH & doubled her up!

Chrissy’s AA>Mo’s AK

Mark’s 66>Clayton’s AK

Chrissy was out 10th & we had our final table! Peter was out earlier as well so our Grand Champions shared 1st place. Both of them (Chrissy is part of Team Chrissy Holubeck/GingerDave Miller) won Main Event seats.

Final Table!!

And then there were 8. Red Hat Jerry’s AK<Mo

Austin99>Christian 99. Christian 8th.

Jason AK>Matt Trizis – Matt 7th but team Steve Trizis/Matt Trizis won a seat to the Main Event (We believe Steve will be the one playing it).

Clayton survived vs Walt for a double

Mo Maher AK>Jason

A triple up for Austin and Clayton out!

Walt out 3rd

After playing heads up a bit with Austin Fowler – who was short stacked- Mo Maher was victorious in a must win scenario to win. WSOP Main Event seat. He finished one point ahead of Mark Winchell. If Austin won then Mo would have been out. Every season there are a few players that the last game of the 20 week season makes or breaks their chance to win a Main Event Seat!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Mo Maher

2. Austin Fowler

3. Walt Rossi

4. Clayton Phelps

5. Mark Winchell

6. Jason Barnett

7. Matt Trizis

8. Christian Ramsey

9. Red Hat Dave (Jerry) Menosky

The 8 players who will be playing the Main event for the seat are:

  1. Tie – Peter “Vesuvius” Pompeii (Who also won a seat last season) and Team Chrissy Houbeck/GingerDave Miller (Dave will be playing for the team).
  2. tie
  3. “Red Hat” Dave Menosky
  4. Clayton Phelps
  5. Team Nick Scholz/Jim Collins (Nick playing, Jim playing for the fall season already).
  6. Steve “The Godfather” Trizis/Matt Trizis team (Steve playing)
  7. Mo “Lucky” Maher tied with Team Trey Harrell/Josh Harrison (Rumor has it that Josh playing)
  8. Tie (see 7 above)

The new season will start at Derby Lane on Thursday August 4th. Check out http://www.TampaBayPoker.com to keep up to date on the 8 players from the season and 7 from last season as they play the WSOP in July for the league. There are also some playing minor events. We’ll also be sharing on the Tampa Bay Poker Facebook group which all are encouraged to join.

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