Week 13: A chop for Tina Pridgen & John Gordon!

Lucky week 13 went better for some, not so great for others. We had Chrissy Holubeck subbing for Marv “The Duckman” Karlins who, along with some other members, was down in Hollywood for the Hard Rock Hollywood poker showdown. Jim “JDawg” Collins came back to play the league Thursday after winning Event #1 in Hollywood. Expecting big things down there from our members. Coming up soon, many league members will be headed to Coconut Creek for the Run Good Poker Tour starting April 21.

Some pics and hands of the evening….

Who are we going to make fun of when GingerDave Miller isn’t here?
Chrissy won early with A high

John Gordon was all in and Doc Brown was about to fold when John said “please call”. Doc said “ok” and Doc’s 55>John’s AQo for the knockout.

Andra Zachow, short stacked after Rob flopped a straight when she flopped 2 pair with her AKdd, won a big pot when she raised 2x with QJhh and flopped 2 pair. John & Rob donated to a big pot.

No calls for Jason Barnett. Out of fear probably.

A big win for Paul Ladisa

In a HUGE hand Ryan Marin raised to 1600 in early position. Three called and John Gordon made it 6kish. Doc Brown called. Ryan folded and Paul shoved. Andra & Chrissy folded. John called, Doc folded. It was heads up between Paul & John. Paul was out.

Jason was all in for 400 & won!

And another all in & double for Jason

3rd time wasn’t a charm and Jason was out!

And then Rob was out.

Not a bad flop for John Gordon & Mark Winchell was out

Ryan was our final table bubble.

We had our final table.

Andra was out 9th when her 99<John’s KQ

Doc was all in and Joe Parrish called. Doc’s AQ>Joe’s AJ but with two Kings on the board it was a chop

This time Doc & John chopped

Chrissy, playing for the duckman, was out 8th when Jim “Jdawg” Collins’ QQ was best.

Doc called for a four on the flop and he got not only that but a nut flush on the river.

Doc doubled through Jim Collins

Tina took over reporter duties as Andra is a sore loser and went home. Plus, Tax Season.

It was getting late so Tina agreed to a chop. With this win John Gordon is now tied for 2nd place on the season leaderboard with Victor Iemolo, Austin Fowler is in 4th and Tina is in 5th tied with Dave Bennett! Jacob Naumann is ahead of 2nd by 13 points!

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