Week 19: Nick & Joe chop 1st while some head out to the WPT in Vegas!

Week 19 was crucial for many players-with 7 Main Event seats and many players just a point or two apart this week and next will determine the winners.

Quite a few players were in Vegas for the big WPT series including Mark Winchell who won a $10k Main seat in a Twitter giveaway by Jaman Burton. Andra Zachow won a ladies event seat this past summer. Austin Fowler, Marsha Wolak, and Tom McDonald were others who went to Vegas. It was discussed that, since the huge $10k WPT event will be going on every winter for at least 3 years, we should have players who win the league have an option of playing the 2023 Wynn Main. The prize pool topped $29 Million, $4Million to first!

Nick Zivolich kept us updated on week 19- final table.

Joe P. AQ
Shawn AT

AQ holds.

Shawn out 9th

Jim 89s
Eric b AK
AK win.
Jim out 8th

Peter 67s
Jacob J6o

Jacob out 7th

Peter Q9 suited.

Ed out 6th

Joe P JJ
Eric B 44

Eric out 5th

Nick AK
Herb 8T

Herb out 4th

Nick A8
Peter 8T

Peter out 3rd

Nick and Joe Chop!!

The final table in reverse order of finish was:

9 – Shawn
8 – Jim
7 – Jacob
6 – Ed
5 – Eric
4 – Herbert
3 – Peter
1c – Joe P
1c – Nick Z

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