Spring League Week 6: Sherry Wiseman’s husband finally gets a win!

Ok,  I meant to say Allen Wiseman.  img_6020Allen, after making no final tables for the first 5 weeks of the Spring league, finished first which puts him in reach of the top 10 in 11th place, tied with Derek “The Good One” Worley.  This goes to show how the leaderboard can quickly change with just one top finish.  Sherry Wiseman is currently 3rd on the season leaderboard with a few very strong finishes.

Jim “The lucky one” Brinkley built up a monster stack which led him to his first final table this season, finishing 8th for the week.


One of his hands 88 knocked out Steve Trizis  and his 55 in a four way pot when he got the set.  Steve had a 2nd place early in the season but has purposely been not making final tables since then to give everyone else a chance.  For now.

Earlier SuperDave (who may need to kick it up a notch to keep that name) ran into Darryl when a QTss flush draw had runner runner QQ, SuperDave out.img_6029

There was also an interesting hand where Sherry, Derek W, and Ken Brown were in a 3 way all in.  All of them had some variation of AQ and it was a chop.  img_6078

Dugg took out Mike “Gascard” Collins when Gascard flopped a set of 6s and Dugg with AA turned the case A.  Ouch.


Darryl was out 10th this week and Jason Barnett made his 5 out of 6 possible final tables this week and stands alone in 1st place for the season.

Derek “The Good One” (That’s Worley but that was how Steve explained which Derek made the final table when he provided the list, I’m just the messenger) came in 7th this week.  exif_temp_image-2Derek made it back from Hawaii just in time for the League.

Gascard made his 4th out of 6 possible final tables this week with a 6th place finish.

Deb Farmer also has 4 out of 6 final tables with total points giving her 2nd place on the leaderboard in the Spring League.

Don Dean has 3 out of 6 final tables this season and finished 4th for the week.


Cyndi , who took 2nd place in the Valentines Day couples tournament the night before, took 3rd place this week.  That gives her 3 out of 6 final tables so far and she is currently in 10th place for the season.

In the end it was Dugg and Allen heads up and Allen took the win!

The final table in order of finish:

  1.  Allen
  2. Dugg
  3. Cyndi
  4. Don Dean
  5. Deb Farmer
  6. Gascard
  7. Derek “The Good One” Worley
  8. Jim Brinkley
  9. Jason
  10. Darryl



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