Week 11: Clayton Phelps moving up the Leaderboard! A chop for Phelps & Cy Frederick!

In a HUGE hand before break/end of rebuy, Andra bet 4k, Darryl jammed a short stack, Christian called & Walter jammed a decent sized stack. Christian tanked well into break until Walter called the clock. Christian folded a set said and Walter won heaps with his nut flush.

Jackie Torro Rivers, new to the feature table, doubled through Walter

A triple up for Christian!

But Mark doubled through Christian and then got the knockout next hand.

Mo stayed alive on a very wet board vs Trey’s AK

Austin had the better hand this time and Mo was sent home

Mark hit the 5 then the flush for a full double through Austin

Mark got the knockout sending Jackie to the rail

Trey doubled up Clayton

And Trey was our FT bubble!

We had our final table!

Mark finished 9th

Andra, short, doubled through Nick

And then Nick doubled through Walter

In the big hand of the night, Marie was all in blind with 4/5 of a big blind in the bb.

Nick called, Cy jammed short & Nick called. Two fours on the flop gave Nick trips, Marie had turned over QQ and turned the Q for a full house. Cy had 99 and rivered a lower full

Chop it!

Andra 7th KQ<Austin’s AA

Walter doubled through Clayton

Cy cracked Marie’s AA to knock her out 6th

Walt finished 5th

A double for Chrissy

But it was not to be, Chrissy out 4th

Chrissy Holubeck, a notable area player, has been on fire lately, cashing three events consecutively at the Tampa Poker Classic at the Hard Rock! She also won a satellite into the series $1700 Main so that was really a 4th cash! That’s 7 Derby/Hard Rock cashes just this year!

Jacob Naumann also cashed 4 times at the Tampa Poker classic! Nick Scholz cashed 2 of the events too. Several other current league members and alumni also appeared in the winners lists.

Austin was out 3rd this week.

A chop between Clayton Phelps & Cy Frederick

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