Elite Tampa Bay Poker League WSOP 2023

Updated June 4

WSOP 2023 RESULTS      
as of JUNE 4, 2023      
Andra Zachow      
Austin Fowler      
Barbara Cardin      
Christian Ramsey      
Clayton Phelps$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Cy Frederick/Jason Palacios      
Darryl Woodruff      
Dave Miller/Chrissy Holubeck$10,000MAIN EVENT    
David Menosky$10,000MAIN EVENT    
George Imes$1,100     
Jacob Naumann$1,100MILLION $ BOUNTY$0$0  
Jackie Torro-Rivers$1,100     
Jason Barnett      
Jim Collins/Nick Scholz$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Marie Harrell      
Mark Winchell      
Michael Ozer      
Mo Maher$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Peggy “Tig” Winsler      
Peter Pompeii$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Robert Winsler$1,100     
Steve Trizis/Matt Trizis$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Thang Phu      
Todd Rivers      
Tom McDonald      
Trey Harrell/Josh Harrison$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Walt Rossi      
SPRING TOTAL$84,400 $0$0$0 
Fall Season 2022 Qualified      
Andra Zachow      
Austin Fowler      
Brett Pope$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Cecil Riddle/Nick Zivolich$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Chrissy/Dave Holubeck-Miller      
Clive Gavin      
Craig Rice      
Dave Bennett      
Don “Doc” Brown      
Donny Campbell      
Ed VanLandingham$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Eric Buel      
Jacob Naumann$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Janice Hulbert/Herb Woodbery$1,500HARD ROCK $1700$0$0  
Jason Barnett$1,450MILLION $ 2 BULLETS$0$0 2nd Bullet 450/1000=4.5%
Jim Collins$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Joe Parrish$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Joel Deutsch      
Juan DaCosta      
Mark Winchell      
Marsha Wolak$1,500     
Peter Pompeii$10,000MAIN EVENT    
Shawn O’Brien$1,500     
Steve Trizis      
Tom McDonald$1,450MILLION $/WYNN $550$3,618$332 WYNN 450/550 SHARE= 1618@8.18%, BOUNTY $2k @ 10%
Victor Iemolo      
FALL TOTAL$77,400 $3,618$332$13

Click and open the spreadsheet “TBEPL Spreadsheet” above for details of the 2023 WSOP. Check out the recent updates/blog which will be shared on twitter @eliteTBpoker and via our Elite Tampa Bay Poker League Facebook page. You may find out that you are the story of the week – and we do take liberties!

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