Fall Season 2023

Fall 2023 Week 17 of 20

StandingsPlayer Total PointsWeeks PlayedWeek 17 Finish
1Jacob Naumann/Brett Pope 102174
2Aaron Thivyanathan 85161
3Alan Thomas 8417 
4Clive Gavin/Karl Man 8317 
4Dan Johnson 8316 
6Shawn O’Brien 74178
7Eric Klatt 70177
7Jim Jdawg Collins 70176
9Steve Trizis/Herb Woodbery 6116 
10Cecil Riddle 5216 
11Tom McDonald 5017 
12Walter Rossi 4817 
13Scott Twitch Anderson 46165
14Dugg Hadden 4517 
14Roberto Cotto 4517 
16Joe Parrish 4414 
17Ed VanLandingham 43169
17Michael Ozer 4315 
19Leo Govoni 4214 
19Mark Winchell 42173
21Andra Zachow 4117 
22Marv Karlins/Chrissy Holubeck 3517 
23Jason Barnett 3417 
24Austin Fowlerx3013 
25Darryl Woodruff 29141
26John Gordonx257 
27Juan DaCostax2410 
28Steve DeLoache 2117 
29Derek Csanadix84 
30Thang Phux75 
31Nick Zivolichx66 
32Bill McKownx44 
33Monir Maherx22 
34Asif Mohammedx11 
34Matt Trizisx11 
 *Must play 17 of the 20 week season    
 or have a sub. “x” denotes not     
 REMINDER: Must also play 3 of the last 5 weeks   

Click and open the spreadsheet “TBEPL Spreadsheet” above for details of your points, attendance, and league funds. For the current standings look above and at the other spreadsheet tabs for week by week standings as the season continues. For details of each weekly tournament and the weekly winners, check out the recent updates/blog which will be shared on twitter @eliteTBpoker and via our Elite Tampa Bay Poker League Facebook page. You may find out that you are the story of the week – and we do take liberties!

Go to the “About” page for full details of the league/rules.

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