Week 13: Ed VanLandingham leapfrogs up the leaderboard after chopping with Shawn O’Brien!

Week 13 had 32 entries – if we continue to have 32 entries for the rest of the season we will be just a couple thousand short of 8 seats so most likely we’ll have 7 Main Event seats this season. We have 84 final table points available to win over the next 7 weeks and noone is out of it!

Andra Zachow, short, was all in with A♠︎5♠︎ and doubled through Jacob Naumann. This was despite at least 3 players explaining that she was behind and what her odds were after Jake flipped over his TT.

Eric Buel won a big pot vs Juan DaCosta when they both had a Full House. Juan hit the 5 on the river & it kept him in.

Steve Trizis was out when his AA was cracked by Juan DaCosta.

Andra opened Q7dd (because Faraz Jaka says its a good move unless she misunderstood) and Victor called. The flop was 7 high & she checked, Victor shoved & she called. She was right but, oddly, Victor ran out a straight leaving her on fumes.


This fella (Cecil Riddle) busted Eric Buel and left Herb Woodbery short

We had our final table!

Victor Iemolo was all in with K4 on turn. Ed VanLandingham calls with A3 flush draw and rivers straight. Victor out 9th.

Craig Rice all in. Call by GingerDave Miller. Dave flops set. Craig rivers Broadway to double up. (Suck out was mentioned but it was skill)

Craig Rice and Jim Collins all in preflop. Craigs aces hold. Jim Collins out 8th

GingerDave all in for the blind with 97. Jason has 77. He flops a straight

Marsha and Juan all in pre. Marsha K high leaves Juan with 1k behind on fumes.

No pic. But Marsha took out GingerDave Miller. He’s out 7th

Juan DaCosta, after spinning up his 1K a bit, out 6th losing to Marsha

Marsha Wolak was all in pre. Shawn calls. QQ holds. Marsha 5th

Craig was all in after the flop. Jason calls. Craig Rice out 4th – 2 no good.

Ed > Jason when Ed hit the straight!

Jason Barnett out 3rd

It was late so Ed VanLandingham and Shawn decided to chop first and call it a night. With this 1st place finish Shawn still stays in the top 4 on the season leaderboard and Ed leapfrogs from 17th place to 8th!! With 7 weeks left everyone is still in the race for a Main Event seat. At the current pace we are expecting at least 7 seats to be awarded this season!

1. Shawn “RunGood” O’Brien/Ed “Leapfrog”VanLandingham Chop

2. Chop

3. Jason “The Boxer” Barnett

4. Craig “Anger Management” Rice

5. Marsha “Ladies Champ” Wolak

6. Juan “2nd half Team” DaCosta

7. GingerDave Miller

8. Jim “JDawg” Collins

9. Victor “I was planning on rebuying” Iemolo

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