Summer league week 1: Jeremy Becker starts out strong!

All the cool kids were here this week for the start of the NEW FIRST TIME EVER summer league! New members, old members and area notables all came out to play! We have 31 players currently with a few more planning to start next week.

During level one we already saw a couple of shoves including this beauty when Gino’s K8>Herb’s AA. One word “variance”

Herb was finished off when he had two calls, Dugg and Mark Winchell both with flush draws. Mark bested both of them with the nut flush.

Ed Vanlandingham was all in early in the night but no takers

Steve Trizis > Gino to double up

Ed’s KK bested Herb

Andrea’s QQ>Gino’s 44 for the knockout after a scary turn.

Dugg was out when Ed had the nuts

Doc doubled through Andrea Ruosi

John’s JJ was good and Derek was out

Steve Trizis JJ was no good against John Gordon’s straight for the knockout

Ed’s 44 was good and Chrissy was out. Fortunately she’s not one to hold a grudge and after her strong play last season she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with this season. All of the ladies are. With two more weeks of registration we’re hoping to get some more ladies in the league, it’s not too late to join!

New member Mark Mahler chipped up before the 2nd break. He had a big double when Andra bet 10k into a multi-limp pot and he shoved 44. He held against her AQo. Since he’s new he thought she was just stealing the pot but Andra doesn’t do that.

Ed’sTT>Mark Mahler’s AQ for a double

Mark Mahler’s K9 held > Andrea Ruosi’s A3 for a double up

John’s 2 pair was ahead when Ed called for a double up

Notable local player Marv “the Duckman” Karlins was out 14th. Marv along with John “Muscles” Gordon have both been featured on WPT televised final tables.

John “Muscles” Gordon’s quad 9s was good to knock out Mark Mahler. John was building quite a wall of chips all night!

Jason’s QQ>Andra’s 99 to knock her out. What was she thinking?

We had our final table

9th place went to Jordan Joeckel

SuperDave Kaucher’s AK>Jason “The Bronze Boxer” Barnett’s KJ for a double

Mark Winchell’s 99>John Gordon’s AKo

John Gordon’s 55>Jason’s TT

Jeff Gordon >John Gordon. No not THAT Jeff Gordon.

John Gordon AKo>SuperDave

John Gordon’s flush bested Jeff Gordon for the knockout in 6th!

Ed Vanlandingham caught a 5 to knock out Mark Winchell

Dave “ole Painful Eye” Miller was out 4th

…and then there were three

Ed VanLandingham doubled through John Gordon

Jeremy QQ>John Gordon AK for a HUGE double up! Jeremy flatted his pocket Queens and flopped the set. Jeremy then flatted John’s large flop bet and when John put Jeremy all in on the turn he found out he was drawing dead.

John Gordon was out 3rd after losing a big chunk of his stack to Jeremy’s trickery earlier.

Ed doubled through Jeremy

And Ed doubled again!

…and again

But in the end Ed couldn’t come close to Jeremy’s wall of chips and it was Jeremy on top!

The final table in order of finish was:

1 Jeremy Becker

2 Ed VanLandingham

3 John Gordon

4 Dave Miller

5 Mark Winchell

6 Jeff Gordon

7 SuperDave Kaucher

8 Jason Barnett

9 Jordon

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Summer league registration is still open for a few more weeks- contact Steve Trizis or just show up Thursday a little before 6:30. For details go to