Spring League Week 2: The Good Dave on Top & not just because it’s in alphabetical order!

With 19 weeks left to play and 3 more weeks of registration the league has had a great start. Note new start time is 6pm on Thursdays. Members please make sure to pay your entry fee this week.

We had some new faces in the league this week after Andra reached out to her fellow poker playing ladies.

Notable local players Lori Vatrano Schulte and Tina Bass Pridgen joined this week and both final tabled. Lori recently took first place in a late year 2020 Hard Rock double 30s tournament after not playing most of the year in 2020. Other accomplishments include winning Event #11 and a guitar at the 2019 Winter Poker Open. It has been rumored that Andra’s reputation as a top local female poker player has been overstated due to having very few ladies in the league. Now Andra, Chrissy, Lori and Tina can see who is really the best, or at least have someone to talk to while the men discuss sports.

The leaderboard has started to develop with two weeks under our belt and Dave “The Good Dave” Miller is now solidly on top.

Some early action in the night is not available as the blogger had too much wine (John Gordon’s fault) and failed to click “save” on the running blog started during play. Fortunately the action after that we do have and we do have pics!

Mark Winchell, who chopped last week with Dave Miller, was our first casualty in 8th place at the final table when John Gordon raised under the gun blind and Mark shoved Queens. John then looked at his cards, Aces and snap called.

Joe Parrish, short, got lucky when Q3>AT of well known notable area player John Gordon who had accumulated a big stack.

The Good Dave (Miller) (as opposed to SuperDave Kaucher) was all in>Tina and soon after she was out 7th. Her first week of play she made the final table. Tina has played in past seasons and always seems to run her stack up early. She took most of Andra’s chips earlier when Andra was repping trip Aces but Tina actually had them.

Jason Barnett’s KK > John Gordon’s Q9hh

In a big game changer for Dave Miller, Dave 34hh>Lori A8hh >Doc A7o for a triple up! Full houses seemed to be in the cards for Dave on Thursday.

Lori, now short, was out 6th when Doc’s A8hh was best.

In two hands, John Gordon then lost most of his stack. Doc B was all in & John found a fold. It was a huge pot. Then Joe Parrish’s 99>John’s AJ. John was out 5th.

Despite his big hand against John, Doc Brown found himself in 4th place shortly after against Joe Parrish.

Jason Barnett, a former Main Event seat winner in the league and long time member, was out 3rd.

Jason is a former notable boxer. When he says he “knocked someone out” you have to ask for clarificatiom.

Jason, short shoved A8 into Joe’s AQdd. Jason called for the 8 to get two pair but the 8d gave Joe the flush. He should have been more specific.

Heads up!

Joe Parrish and Dave Miller

Going into heads up play Joe had the chip lead. He took advantage of his stack and put the pressure on Dave raising A6 into Dave’s big blind. Dave called with 35 and flopped bottom pair and turned two pair to take the lead!

Dave’s AT full house crushed Joe’s 33s and dreams of first place.

The final hand of the night solidified Dave Miller’s status as a total luck box when AT>33. Full house of course. The evening ended much earlier than last week.

There are 3 more weeks of registration for the league. The start time has been moved up to 6pm so arrive before then to register (registration/one rebuy available for four levels). Members, please remember to bring your $200 entry fee this coming Thursday (due by week 3). The entry fee goes 100% into the prize pool and ensures all players are committed to playing.

The Week 2 winners in order of finish were:

  1. Dave “The Good Dave” Miller
  2. Joe “77” Parrish
  3. Jason “the Boxer” Barnett
  4. Don “Doc” Brown
  5. John “Muscles” Gordon
  6. Lori Vatrano Schulte
  7. Tina Bass Pridgen
  8. Mark Winchell
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