Week 10: Return of the Empire, The Godfather Strikes Back

Week ten was rewarding for the bottom rung players on the season leaderboard.  Steve Trizis, known as “The Godfather” of the league, who was bragging about holding 22nd place out of 21st players, managed to run up a short stack at the final table for a chop with Clive.  The top six spots on the season leaderboard remained unchanged including Andra Zachow still in first after a 7th place finish this week.  With their chop this week Clive is now in 11th place and Steve is in 15th place.  Mo, Bill and Rob all moved up as well.

Early in the evening at the outer table Darryl was building his stack when his QQ bested Mo’s 33 over Jason’s AA for set over set over Aces.

League Alum Bob Scholtz, a substitute for Ed Vanlandingham’s QJhh>Dugg Hadden’s A3o

Mark Winchell’s 88 was behind when Barry Jacobs showed JJ.

Bill KQcc>Andra AQ

Short stacked, Mark Winchell J8 was out when Derek’s AK dominated him and Paul Mastella’s QQ was no good.

Andrea AJ > Clive 88

Andra AJss>Doc B A9hh for a double up

Doc B>Bob S subbing for Ed V

Steve was all in but Bill found a fold despite not believing him. Bill was correct. Bills hand was better.

Mo was all in for 25K++ and Bob folded 22. Marv buried his head in his hands after Bob showed & folded. “how can you fold that?” The Duckman lamented. “It’s migration season!” 🤣

Bob AK>Marv AJ for the knockout

SuperDave Kaucher’s AA>Mo’s “hand in the cookie jar” bet

Steve 99>Doc B AK to double up. Steve is currently 22 of 21 remaining Spring league players and kind of wants a win tonight.

With Derek & Jason out we had our final table!

Bob KQ= Andra AJ.   Broadway on the flop for Andra, K then A turn & river put Broadway on the board. Chop it up!  Andra may have said a bad word.

Bill TT>SuperDave J9

Dave out 10th

Mo AJss>Doc B A8 for the knockout

Clive AK>Bob S A9ss (for Ed V) for the knockout

Darry A6cc>Andra KQ for the knockout.

Blinds at 1K/2K Andra was the big blind Darryl raised to 7K and Andra shoved 18K. Darryl called and his A6♣️♣️ held

Bill >Rob to stay alive

Rob finished 6th this week.


Darryl Woodruff finished 5th.  Did you ever notice who he looks like?

Bill McKown 4th place

Mo Maher 3rd place

Nice finish despite the shirt

And…….he’s baaaaack! We had a chop between Steve Trizis & Clive Gavin for first!

The final table in order of finish was:

1 Steve Trizis chop

1 Clive Gavin chop

3 Mo Maher

4 Bill McKown

5 Darryl Woodruff

6 Rob Benford

7 Andra Zachow

8 Ed Vanlandingham

9 Don “Doc” Brown

10 Dave Kaucher

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