Week 6: Tig and Nick chop it up!

We had one substitute this week, notable local player Danny Lobato was ubbing for Mo Monir. Danny was sporting gear from the best Florida team, the Miami Hurricanes.

Early in the evening att the outer table, Mark Winchell vs Walt Rossi were in a big hand. What a cooler

In a HUGE hand at the feature table Andra Zachow, short had no idea what she was dealing with when she thought her top pair top kicker might be good. Clayton’s FH>Marie’s nut flush>Andra’s AT.

Barb was all in and Tig called. Tig’s QQ held and Barb Cardin was sent to the rail.

Final table!

Darryl was put 9th, Christian 8th & in this hand :

DannyQQ>Chrissy A7dd
Chrissy Holubeck out 7th

ToddQQ>Jason S AT
Todd Dub

Marie A5ss > Jason S QJ
Marie Dub

Tig K9> Jason T9
Jason S out 6th

Danny AK> Todd ATss
Todd Rivers 5th

Nick K8 > Marie KQ
Marie Harrell 4th

Nick 86ss > Danny J5
Danny Lobato, subbing for Mo maher was 3rd

Chop o rama – 1st place was a chop between Tig Winsler and Nick “Bob’s Son” Scholz! This win moves Tig up to 3rd place on the season leaderboard. Nick is in 10th place of more than 30 members. Peter Pompeii and Tom McDonald are tied in 1st place. With 14 weeks left there are no members out of it-anyone can still win a Main Event seat.

The final table in order of finish was:

1 Tig Winsler & Nick Scholz Chop


3. Danny “Mo” Lobato

4. Marie Harrell

5. Todd Rivers

6. Jason S

7. Chrissy Holubeck

8. Christian Ramsey

9. Darryl Woodruff

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