Week 10: A win for John “Muscles” Gordon

Some current league players have been using their skills in the 2022 Tampa Poker Classic. We like to think they learned those skills in the league – it certainly has been good practice playing again such top caliber competition.

We are half way through the 20 week season (week 21 is losers lounge) and, although Jacob has a good lead, everyone is still in contention for a Main Even Seat! Here is the story of week 10…

With Q99 on the board GingerDave bet about 5K & Marv rr to 10K. Dave called all in. Dave had the Q and Marv was chasing the flush. Marv rivered the flush.

3way all in on the flop
Bob S, playing for Darryl this week had 34
Paul Ladiisa had 34. They had both flopped it.
J Dawg has the A8.

John Iemolo was all in for his last 6K+/- and Doc Brown called turning over 88. John had AA and it held!!!! A Christmas Miracle!

Ryan Marin was all in and got a full double through Dave Bennett

Andra Zachow was all in, Ryan Marin was all in and Dave Bennett was all in short. Dave hit his K to triple and Ryan won the side pot with QQ. Andra was sent to the rail. On her birthday eve. She was heard muttering “This is BULLSHIT”.

Bob Scholz had T9cc < Jim Brinkley’s
46 all in on flop

Andra, who rebought, was all in for 8500. Paul Ladisa and John Gordon called. On a J high flop John bet 8000 and Paul folded. John flipped over AJ, Andra had KQ and John put a nail in the coffin when he hit the A for two pair. Andra was out for good.

Paul was all in with 99 and John snap called with the second nut flush sending Paul home for the night.

Austin’s JJ held for a full triple up!

JDawg was all in and John called. Jdawg flipped over QQ and doubled through John who had JJ.

Jim Brinkley was all in and John Gordon called. Jim said he only looked at one card and showed an A. John showed a 4. In the end John’s 44>Jim’s Ax

We had our final table.

Mark Winchell doubled through Jdawg when his QQ>99

Doc Brown was all in but his trip Queens could not best Dave Bennett’s flush

Jdawg was all in and John called. John hit two pair with KT doubling up.

Dave’s 66 was good to knock out Jdawg in 8th.

Ryan and Mark were all in and Mark’s KK was good!

Jason Barnett’s A6o< Muscles 88
All in pre-flop.
Jason out 6th

Austin all in pre-flop with A7o
Jacob Naumann calls JQ
John “Muscles” Gordon calls 67
Jake & John check down the side pot.
Jake wins.

Mark Winchell flopped a flush and Muscles flopped 2 pair giving Mark a full double up.

Right after Mark’s KQ>TT over Dave Bennett all in pre-flop & Dave was out 4th.

John Gordon over Mark Winchell
All in on the flop to get a bunch of his chips back.

John jammed a flush draw and Mark had an A and John backed into a Straight

Mark then jammed an A high flush draw against Jacob Naumann on a 7 high flop and Jake held with 99

This left Mark Winchell with 25k. He then doubled back thru Jake with AA

Which Mark then lost to Jake AK<66

Mark was out 3rd leaving John Gordon heads up with Jacob Naumann.

In the end John Gordon got the win, KQ>Q5 after a long heads up battle.

The final table in order of finish was:

1. John “Muscles” Gordon

2. Jacob “Horseshoe” Naumann

3. Mark “bad beat” Winchell

4. Dave “you’re not going to like it” Bennett

5. Austin “Who is that Guy” Fowler

6. Jason “The Boxer”Barnett

7. Ryan “New Kid in Town”Marin

8. Jim “JDawg” Collins

9. Donald “Doc” Brown

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