Spring League Week 8: Steve is back, snapping necks and cashing checks!

Chip Porn

Steve decided to win this week after giving everyone else that “I can win this instead of Steve” feeling for most of this season (so far). He got a great start early when he flopped a set of Jacks against Allen’s QQ. It wasn’t a knockout but a lot of chips. img_6234 Steve, The Godfather of the League, was the top finisher in the league last season and is back working on a second package.  He will already represent the league at the WSOP Main Event this summer.  img_6201When Steve isn’t playing poker he is making the world a better place with his open faced Hot Turkey Sandwich at Country Skillet Restaurant (Yes they cook a turkey to make it).

Some notable hands for week 8 include Dave Bennett’s 10-3 off vs Clive’s A-5.  Bennett got a full house.

Kenny O was all in with TT vs Tom Clements’ QQ.  Kenny flopped a Ten for the win.

Reno was all in with QT on a J-8-7 board,  Cyndi called with AA.  A came on the turn while Reno yelled “Nine!!”  It worked when a 9 came on the river for straight>a set of Aces.  Fortunately for Cyndi she had a pretty substantial stack and Reno was a bit short at the time.

Deb Farmer found herself all in with 88 for $16K and Gascard gave it a go with 99 and won the hand.

Once the final table was set Derek “I don’t need no stinkin’ sleeves” Csanadi  raised Mike “Gascard” Collins’ big blind.  img_6225Gascard, of course, called and won a decent pot.  Derek looked a bit chagrined when he called Gascard’s river bet.  Gascard tells him to “walk on over, but you’ll be limping back”.    Derek did say that if he won week 8 that he’d buy some sleeves.   That would certainly be a shame.

In another hand Dave B (who is campaigning to steal the “SuperDave” name) raised to 5.5K.  Reno called as did Gascard, again as usual.  Gascard and Reno fold to Dave Bennett’s $7K raise on a A-Q-T board.   Bennett turned over 4-6hh.  Reno had KQ.  img_6200(the rest of this photo has been cropped by special request).  Reno forgot to make a request.

Steve doubled up when Dave Bennett’s FH on the turn became Steve’s better FH on the river with runner runner Tens.  That’s poker.  img_6232

After Gascard’s 10th place finish, Mark Winchell found himself short stacked with 33.  His All in was met with KK and he finished 9th.   Mark had started the evening having to fold AA after a 3.5X raise with 3 callers including Darryl with 45 who had a good run out.  Shortly after, Jason too found himself with 33 AIPF, but unlike Mark’s hand, he cracked AA with his.   Earlier Jason folded 22 after a raise and a 3bet.  The flop was 22A so he missed out on Quads. That’s poker.

In the end the big stacks were Clive and Steve.  img_6237They were heads up Steve’s A5o vs Clive’s K7o.  The flop was A-5-7 giving both of them a piece – one a pretty nice piece.  They were all in on the River when Clive’s K came.  It was a dream situation for Steve.  His first top finish for the Spring season.

The final table in order of finish:

  1.  Steve Trizis
  2. Clive
  3. Cyndi
  4. Jason
  5. Dave Bennett
  6. Derek Csanadi
  7. Reno
  8. Kenny O’Donnell
  9. Mark Winchell
  10. Mike “GasCard” Collins