Week 6: Jeremy Becker pulling ahead of the pack! The Punk Kid & The Rat Bastard chop it!

At the feature table it was set over set Mark Winchell >SuperDave Kaucher

Shortly after that at 100/200 Andra raised, SuperDave 3 bet to 800 and Mark W called and Andra four bet to 2600. Dave called. Dave bet 4000 on the Q high flop. Andra called. The turn was a J. Dave shoved his remaining stack, Andra snapped and showed her pocket jacks. Dave had KK and was sent to the window after the river bricked.

At the outer table Brenda was out when Marv “The Duckman” Karlins ducks were the best!

Rob was all in and Wally tank called announcing that he had the parking lot hand. They chopped.

At the outer table it was getting crazy!

Rob was out

SuperDave lived to see another day versus Wally

Doc Brown >Doc Karlins

Bob Scholz got one through

Then SuperDave channeled the Duckman!

Bob Scholz called Wally’s all in flop bet and rivered the 9 for the knock out.

SuperDave Kaucher made a horrible call and took most of Andra Zachow’s chips

It’s not over til its over Andra AQ>Allen Wiseman’s 77

Andra’s 22 no good against Bob S. She’s not the Duckman 🤷🏻‍♀️

At the outer table, Mark “Rat Bastard” Wiser was all in and got the triple up!

Dave Miller was the bubble and…

We had our final table!

SuperDave Kaucher was out in 9th when Jeremy called his all in pre flop.

Allen Wiseman, subbing for Jacob Naumann, doubled through Steve Deloache.

Steve couldn’t recover and finished 8th.

Mark “Steve Trizis“ Wiser doubled through Bob Scholz who apparently wanted to call it a night soon.

Bob was out 7th shortly after.

Mark Wiser busted Derek A10> KQ in 6th place. Mark then busted Jordan A7>T5 for 5th.

It was getting late an Jeremy kept us updated on how it all ended.


With a chop this week with Mark Wiser, notable Tampa Bay player Jeremy Becker is now sole owner of 1st place!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Chop Jeremy Becker/Mark Wiser


3. Ed Vanlandingham

4. Jacob Naumann

5. Jordan Joeckel

6. Derek Worley

7. Bob Scholz

8. Steve Deloache

9. SuperDave Kaucher

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