Week 8: Marie Harrell & Bob Scholz’ kids chop 1st! (Aka Trey Harrell and Nick Scholz)

Nick Scholz doubled through Ricardo at the feature table

Then Andra Zachow doubled through Jacob Naumann who doesn’t like to fold.

Nick & Ricardo were all in minutes later, this time Ricardo’s JJ>Nick’s 88

Andra’s K9>Craig’s KQ for a straight!

And Nick was out!

Craig was all in with JJ after the break, but Nick’s AQ was best for a double.

Steve Trizis’ QQ>Craig’s 66 for a mych needed double.

Steve’s set of threes > Chrissy’s flush draw to double again!

Tig’s 99 didn’t make it vs Darryl’s Q for the knockout

We had our final table!

Nick AKo> Thang KQcc
Nick Dub
Thang 2/3 of bb left

Peter AK> Thang 8Tdd
Thang 9th

Trey dub thru Nick

Nick dub

Nick J7hh>Austin A5
Austin 8th

Christian 66> Steve 92
Steve 7th

Christian 99> Trey ATcc
Christian dub

Christian lost big hand to Nick before break
Nick jammed flop and Christian tanked till clock called then folded

RHD (Red Hat Dave) A9> Peter AQdd

Trey J4> Christian K9
Trey Dub

Trey J2ss> RHD AQ Blind vs Blind
Trey dub again

Mo K8> Peter A6
Peter out 6th

Trey AK> Nick AQ
Trey dub AGAIN

Trey called blind Utg at one pt with 1bb

RHD KQ> Trey T2
RHD dub

RHD AQ > Trey K9
RHD dub again

Trey AA> Mo A8
Mo out 5th

RHD JT> Trey K6.

Trey would also like the blog to show that they paid the bubble 🤦🏼‍♂️. This gave 4th $85 more than 5th. ….. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Trey vs RHD

Nick AQ > RHD 99

RedHatDave out 4th

Nick 67> Christian A7

Christian was our 3rd place finisher this week

In the end it was a first place chop between Trey Harrell, our week 1 winner, and last week’s winner Nick Scholz!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Trey Harrell/Nick Scholz

2. Chop

3. Christian Ramsey

4. Dave Menarskey

5. Mo Maher

6. Peter Pompeii

7. Steve Trizis

8. Austin Fowler

9. Thang Phu

With 12 weeks left in the season (and before the start of the WSOP) everyone who has the required attendance still can win a $10k WSOP Main Event seat! no-one is running away with it and even the bottom of the leaderboard is 3 wins from a top spot of the leaderboard!

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