The League is back: Spring league Starts January 7! League alumni running good!

Check out the “about the league” page or all of the details of the Spring 2021 League starting this Thursday! Also – In case you were looking for a list of Elite league players who made day 2 this week here it is!

Hard Rock – $48K on top!

Paul Mastella (day one chip leader)

Mark Wiser

Andrea “The Dragon” Ruosi

Derby Lane $9K on top!

Karl Man (Chip leader after day one)

Doc Brown

Garth Fuden

Eric Buel

Gerry Silva

Jeff Ferrara

Clive “Wanker” Gavin

Joe Parrish

Herb Woodbery

Andra Zachow

Chrissy Holubeck

Mo Maher

And what about the Hard Rock Winter Poker Open?

Event #1 Karl Man 24th

Event #2 Jacob Naumann 47th, Tom Nguyen 49th, Mark “Bud” Wiser 75th

Event #7 Tom Nguyen 28th, Juan Rodriguez 33rd, Fil Khavin 40th, Karl Man 46th, Michael Beattie 48th.

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