Week 18:Red Hats are Lucky, but Clayton doesn’t need one

At the feature table Red Hat Dave’s sub Jerry Argento was wearing a….red hat.

But at the outer table everyone gave it a try
From Steve “The Godfather” Trizis : Sigh. 2nd time tonight I lost with Queens.
Mark ATcc>Peter JJ

Austin>Thang to almost double!

Andra and Nick aipf!
Nick Scholz was out 9th
Austin out 8th

A double for Rob Winsler through Counterfeit Red Hat Dave

A double for Jason, who really needs more sun, and didn’t know he won

Jason <GingerDave 7th

Mark Winchell >Darryl 6th

Rob Winsler 4th
Counterfeit Red hat doubled through Clayton

In the the final table in order of finish was:

1. Clayton Phelps

2. Redhat Dave Menosky

3. Mark Winchell

4. Rob Winsler

5. GingerDave Miller

6. Darryl Woodruff

7. Jason Barnett

8. Austin Fowler

9. Nick Scholz

Clayton pulled ahead of Mark Winchell and Red Hat Dave’s sub sealed the deal on his WSOP seat!