Week 11: A chop for Peter Pompeii & Jim “JDawg” Collins!

Peter Pompeii and Jake Naumann both had the Q for the straight. Chop it up!

Mark opened 1K at 200/300, Dave Bennett 3bet to 2500 and Mark called. Dave bet 2500 on the very wet board and Mark shoved. Dave tanked quite awhile until he folded AA face up!

Victor was all in but no callers

Peter was all in and doubled through Victor

Dave Bennett said “you’re not going to like it, you were screwed by the turn”. Dave had thr straight but Victor hit the full house on the river & Victor doubled.

At the puter table Marsha’s KK hit quads to knock out Jim “JDawg” Collins with A6

Back at the feature Tom McDonald was sent to the rail by Steve Trizis

Mark’s KK held after calling Victor’s preflop 3bet All in with AQ.8

Jdawg , with about 10K+ doubled through Mark Winchell after 3betting him all in. Mark’s 88 was good until the J flopped.

Peter 99>Jacob A6 aipf
Jake out

Peter J6> Steve AQ, Steve was out!

Shawn22> JoeP AJ JimC folded flop
Joe jammed pre and both called

Tom JJ > Doc’s AQ

JimCAA>Shawn88. All in on turn. Shawn out, Jim has heaps!

Marsha double up through me

Marsha TJo > Craig A8

Marsha double up through Doc

Marsha A6 > Doc 55

Doc’s K4 > Craig’s QQ

Clive out

Poor Austin. His KK all in pre lost to Peters 55. Austin was 8th.

Mark Winchell was 9th earlier after a three way all in. Doc Brown had less chips & flopped 2 pair with J2, Mark had AJ but Jim came along with heaps and hit 2 pair with KQ turn & river to take them both out-Doc 10th

We had 8/9 of our final table

A big river for Craig after Juan hit the flop leaving Juan with fumes

Juan was out after that 7th in the big blind

Marsha finished 6th

Eric was out 5th

Craig finished 4th

At break Jim, Peter and Chrissy remained-Peter with the biggest stack

Chrissy jammed the flop but Jim found a fold. She showed a straight (not TJ)

….And Peter Pompeii and Jim “JDawg” Collins chopped 1st!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Jim Collins/Peter Pompeii chop


3. Chrissy Holubeck

4. Craig Rice

5. Eric Buel

6. Marsha Wolak

7. Juan Dacosta

8. Austin Fowler

9. Mark Winchell

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