Spring League Week 3: New and Old League members chop first! And it’s not Rob! or Steve! or Dugg!

Week three was an intense battle with the final table made up of only members who already made a final table during one of the first two weeks.  Sherry Wiseman is the only member who has made three out of three final tables so far this season.  As of this week Sherry is in 3rd place behind Rob Benford who is in first, despite no final table this week because he used up all of his one times and pocket Aces last week, and Jason,  who is currently in second place after chopping first place this week with Derek Csanadi.  Derek, who missed last week while vacationing on a cruise, has made the final table in both of the two weeks he has played.

Congratulations are in order for league member Cyndi Nguyen who took second in the multi day Accumulator tournament at Derby Lane.  Cyndi has made 2/3 final tables so far this season and is new to the league.  And she has AWESOME nails.img_5763


There were 8 rebuys for a total of 41 buy ins this week which allowed for a pretty lucrative prize pool.  We also saw some new members this week including Lyle making his semi annual appearance.  With 15/20 weeks of play required of members, it is still not too late to join next week during week 4.  img_5749-1Steve is making a list and checking it twice so if you have not made your league deposit please bring it next week.

The night included many bad beats.  Gascard was out early (and rebought) after his straight could not beat quads.  Mark lost 5500 early when his AQdd on a Q high board did not work out (though he did make it to the final table for the 2nd time).

Rob, who is rumored to have made a deal with the devil (which he has not confirmed or denied),  did have one more pair of aces up his sleeve when his AA > Deb Farmer’s QQ on a KAKA7 board All in Pre-flop. img_5770 He thought it was going to be like last week when he had AA SIX TIMES but that wasn’t the case though he did win this hand.  Jim Brinkley had AA too and Herb Gonzalez lost most of his stack with his KK when neither connected with the board and the AA held up. img_5773 Later Trey took the rest of Herb’s chips when his 2 pair beat Herb’s 2 pair.  Trey chipped up when Lyle and John “Muscles” Gordan showed up right before the end of the rebuy and Lyle went All in on his first hand.  img_5760Trey called and busted him sending him back to the window for a rebuy.  Lyle later busted Reno who also rebought.

There was a battle of the Kens when Ken Vs Ken and Ken M’s KK was no good against Ken Brown’s AA.  The short hand version is KvK KK no good.

Don Dean took most of Steve’s chips when JTo>K8o after Steve Flopped bottom pair.  Obviously Steve (and possibly Don) need to study the chart.

Once the final table was determined Derek knocked Ed out when his 666 > Ed’s 89ss on a 46K flop with two spades.  Ed turned an 8 and shoved.

After three weeks it’s still wide open as the point structure of the league gives a lot of room for movement.  Lets see if some new faces appear at the final table this coming week and challenge Rob.  Steve’s most likely going to be right back up there unless someone locks him in a closet or something.

Week three winners in order of finish were:

  1.  Derek Csanadi and Jason Barnett chopped 1st
  2. See above
  3. Sherry Wiseman
  4. Ken Brown
  5. Trey Harrell
  6. Clive Gavin
  7. Cyndi Nguyen
  8. Mike “Gascard” Collins
  9. Mark Winchell
  10. Ed Sojack