Week 3 Another Vesuvius Eruption! Peter Pompeii takes it down! One more week to register!

Jenny Marczynsky & Dugg Hadden were subs for Marsha & Darryl this week and Jenny had a great finish. The big winner, however, was Peter Pompeii, perhaps the best player Derby Lane has ever seen!

Thursday, January 26th is the last week to register this season. We’ve had some great $1K plus 1st place prizes each week and have paid 4 each week so far! It’s going to be a great season and everyone will have a chance to win a WSOP Main event seat until at least 3/4 of the way into the season. The point structure gives a lot of room for quick improvements!

Early in the night at the feature table, Jason Barnett called for a K & there it was! Barb Cardin was sent to the window for the one allowed rebuy.

Steve’s 67o in the small blind was good vs Austin Fowler after he kept saying he was probably going home. Steve says a lot if things.

Steve’s AA was good despite a ♦︎♦︎♦︎ flop and RedHat Dave Menarsky was out!

Clayton Phelps was all in and Steve Trizis called without looking at his hand. The 9 gave Clayton a much needed double.

At the outer table Craig KQcc>TT Thang > 67cc George
Aipf 3 ways

Marie Harrell was short and all in, Barbara called flipping over AA. The river gave Marie a double up with a straight!

Barb was all in, this time she had A9. Dugg Hadden called for less and Barb held.

Another win for Clayton vs Steve!

Jenny for Marsha TT> Craig AQ

Craig 67 (his birth year) > George AK

Dominic JJ> Tig AQ
You’ll have to ask about this one

Jake KQ> Trey AQ
Jake dub

Craig 444> Trey KT
Craig dub

Jenny KT> Trey AT

Final table!

Jason JJ > Tig AT
Tig 9th

Another top finish for Peter Pompeii!!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Peter “Vesuvius” Pompeii

2. Jackie Torres Rivers

3. Todd Rivers

4. Marsha (Jenny) Wolak

5. Jacob Naumann

6. Steve Trizis

7. Rob Winslow

8. Jason Barnett

9. Tig Winslow

January 26th is the last chance to register this season!!

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