Week 10: While Tom McDonald Declines the Chop, Andra Zachow Celebrates a Close Second!

Half way through the 20 week Fall season Dan Johnson tops the leaderboard. Karl Man & Eric Klatt are 2nd and 3rd. With 10 weeks and 140 points available, any qualified member can still win a WSOP Main Event seat. Based on the current funds & a projection on the rest of the season’s participation it

Jim Collins’ KK was best when Leo Govoni called his shove!

Juan Dacosta’s KK> John Gordon’s AK

Andra Zachow confidently started with a bet of 2k at 400/800. Darryl Woodruff, who was in the big blind, and Juan DaCosta, who had initially just called, decided to join the action. As the flop came out with 553, Darryl showed his confidence by placing a bet, and Juan decided to stick around by calling. However, Andra, feeling a bit uncertain about the situation, decided to fold and step back. The turn revealed a 3, and both Darryl and Juan remained in the game. Finally, the river card unveiled a 9. With this opportunity, Darryl made another bet, and Juan, feeling curious, decided to call. To everyone’s surprise, Darryl confidently revealed his hand, showing a 3 for a full house. Unfortunately, Juan couldn’t match that strength and decided to muck his hand, leaving Darryl victorious in that round.

In Andra’s A4ss bested Darryl’s A8cc, leading to the knockout!

Mark Winchell>Dan Johnson for the knockout

Mark doubled through Juan leaving Juan on fumes!

Then, Juan doubled his stack three times! On two occasions, he used 23cc, with one of those times being earlier in the evening.

Then a few doubles for Alan Thomas!

We had our Final Table

In a huge game changing hand, it was Andra AJ>LeoAA>ChrissyQQ. Q on the river gave Andra the straight!
Leo out 9th

Tom McDonald rivered the 7 to send Chrissy home 8th

No calls for Alan

Tom then busted Mark 7th

A double for Karl through Juan, eventually Juan finished 6th

In the end it was heads up for Tom & Andra, Tom with a strong chip lead. They played to the end and Tom emerged victorious! Andra’s 2nd place finish was her best in the league in a looooong time.

1. Tom McDonald

2. Andra Zachow

3. Alan Thomas

4. Karl Man

5. Jason Barnett

6. Juan Dacosta

7. Mark Winchell

8. Chrissy Holubeck

9. Leo Govoni