Week 12: Barbara Cardin and Nick Scholz get the win and Team Nick ties for #1 on the Leaderboard!

We added a liberal substitute policy this season after input that many could not participate in league due to travel/work commitments. Since we allow teams as well we have had minimal subs this season until week 12. This week we had Dugg Hadden for Darryl, Clive Gavin for Jackie Torro Rivers, Michael Haddix for Todd Rivers, Danny Lobato for Mo Maher, Brett Pope for Austin Fowler and Rob Slagle for Red Hat Dave Menosky! Since there is one point each week for attendance a sub can make the difference by season end as the seat winners are often just a point or two from those that do not win.

Mike Ozer > Andra’s AJss

And then a double KO for Mike!

Rob Slagle, playing for Red Hat Dave, was all in. Only Steve Trizis called. Steve rivered the A to know Rob out. AJo>TT

Versus Christian. Steve flopped it. He hit quads.

Steve sucking out on Barb. AIPF

We had our final table!

Barb AQ> George TT
George Imes 9th

Barb AQ> Jason B 74. Jason Barnett out 8th

Nick AJ> Jason #2 88
Jason Palacios 7th

Christian QT> Danny Lobato. Danny, Playing for Mo Maher, was out 6th. That’s two good final table finishes when Danny played for Mo!

Clive 44> Thang Phu KK
Thang 5th

Nick JTcc> Christian AA
Christian Ramsey 4th

Nick T5> Clive 68
Clive Gavin, playing for Jackie Torro-Rivers, out 3rd

In the end Barbara Cardin and Nick Scholz chopped 1st, both coming back from a roller coaster final table where big stacks became short and short stacks became big!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Barbara Cardin & Nick Scholz – chop

2. Chop

3. Clive Gavin (Jackie Torro Rivers)

4. Christian Ramsey

5. Thang phu

6. Danny Lobato (Mo Maher)

7. Jason Palacios

8. Jason Barnett

9. George Imes