Week 12: Victor on top again! (With Dave Bennett)

As the night began, The Duckman and Dave Bennett were Degenning (is that a word?) with some side bets – if a pair of 7s or 8s flopped Dave would win a certain prize and if 22 or 99 flopped Marv would win. So far at level 3, Dave’s hit 77 twice.

We had some substitutes this week- Chrissy Holubeck playing for Paul Ladisa, Ed Sojak playing for Darryl Woodruff & Matt McGinnis playing for Ryan Marin who was stuck in Skyway Bridge stand still traffic.

Not a lot going on at the feature table tonight…

Andra Zachow, who has had s less than stellar season so far, rivered a straight and shoved her last 12K. Victor Iemolo called with two pair, hoping she didn’t have the 4. She had the 4.

Andra won a HUGE pot when she called 2 limps for 500, Austin raised to 2000 and everyone called showing no respect. Andra turned two pair and it became a three way all in and Andra was in great shape.

Marv “Duckman” Karlins rebought after the Andra debacle and his first hand back he was all in with 77. Mark Winchell called and Duckman held for a double.

Austin was all in after Victor raised to 2K 400/800. Victor’s 57s was good after a 7 on the flop and Austin was out.

A 3-way all in after the flop – Chrissy Holubeck with a set of 6s, Matt with straight and draw for flush, Tina with straight and flush draws. Tina hit a higher flush
Chrissy was out. Matt crippled

A double for Victor and the Duckman was out!

Rob Benford’s K6>Doc Brown’s K7 for the knockout! We though Doc Brown couldn’t be beat!

Rob was all in with 44 and Victor called 55. Rob was sent home.

John Iemolo was all in and Mark Winchell called with QQ. John was out!

Dave Bennett moved to the feature table and immediately was in a big hand with Ed Sojak. Dave flopped two pair to knock Ed out on the bubble.

We had our final table! (Andra was there too but was taking pictures)

A double for Jason Barnett through Victor!

Tina bet 12K on the flop and Dave B thought a bit and shoved. Tina had to fold.

Noone called Jacob’s shove

In a HUGE three way all in, Jim Brinkley knocked out both Tina Pridgen and Matt McGinnis when they shoved into his flopped set.

In a miracle hand, Andra knocked Jacob out for the first time in her entire life!

Mark’s A9>Dave B’s K9 for a full double

Jim B bet 6500, Dave B rr 25k and Jim shoved 94K. Dave finally folded and Jim showed AKo after claiming AK was no good for him earlier. Sneaky.

A full double for Andra when her KK>Dave’s TT

Jim doubled Dave up!

Jim knocked Jason out 6th

Dave doubled through Jim

Jim doubled but then lost it all and was out

A double for Mark through Victor

And a full double for Mark through Dave

Victor>Mark – out 4th

Andra was out third when Victor turned a FH.

Victor and Dave agreed to a chop at that point – two weeks in a row for Victor who, with this win, moves up to second place on the season leaderboard!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Victor Iemolo/Dave Bennett chop

2. Chop

3. Andra Zachow

4. Mark Winchell

5. Jim Brinkley

6. Jason Barnett

7. Jacob Naumann

8. Ryan Marin (Matt McGinnis, sub)

9. Tina Pridgen

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