Week 14: Ian “The Hired gun” Feller and Super(Again)Dave Kaucher chop it up!

At the feature table Chrissy was down to around 2K early at 100/200, a victim of Doc Brown’s AA, FH>FH I believe. She was now all in with pocket tens. John “Muscles” Gordon reshoved 5K+. Steve Trizis who had them covered called. No Aces, no Jacks and the tens held & Chrissy tripled up!

At the outer table Mark had KK’s Andrus had top pr & raised, Jason calls w/A3 nut flush draw ur boy shoves Andrea calls Jason calls turn

John, shortly after his rebuy, was all in with a flush draw. Ian Feller, subbing for Joe Parrish got the knockout after he was asked “What would Joe do?”

In the next hand Ian called Andra’s AIPF with 22 & had a glorious run out. Andra was sent to the window.

Ian, playing for Joe Parrish, started a discussion about Joe.

Joe quotes:

“Joe doesn’t need good cards”

“What would Joe do”

“I’ve seen Joe play, he does need good cards”

“Joe always gets a walk”

In a very impressive hand, Chrissy & Doc Brown chopped

All in, Ian Feller’s straight>Doc Brown’s AA for the knockout. Joe’s playing better than usual.

In an unexpected hand, Steve HAD to call Chrissy’s all in. Whoaaaa!!! Chrissy’s 72 was good!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

Andra’s AA was the start of a nice run up. Ian’s hand no good for a change.

Chrissy was out on the bubble when Ian/Joe called with a crappy hand.

We had our final table

Jason was out 7th and SuperDave was on a heater!

Clive got a few shoves through

And again…

And again…

Steve’s AK=Ian’sAK

This time Clive’s shove did NOT get through

Ian, channeling Joe, knocked Steve out!!

Garth, playing for GuamDave Miller got one through.

And Garth was out 4th for SDave MillerDave

Ian made a move with 83 putting pressure on Andra but she was having none of that and doubled up!

And SuperDave knocked out Andra in 3rd when he rivered the A. Of course.

And we had a chop for 1st between Ian Feller (for Joe) and SuperDave Kaucher!

The final table in order of finish was:

1-Ian Feller (for Joe Parrish) & SuperDave Kaucher- chop

3 Andra Zachow

4 Dave Miller (Garth)

5 Steve Trizis

6 Clive Gavin

7 Jason Barnett

8 Alex Brown

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