Week 14: Jim Collins & Brett Pope celebrate Black Friday early with a great deal! (They chopped 1st)

After week 14’s chop, Jim Collins and Brett Pope have moved into the #2 & #3 spots on the season leaderboard with #1, Joe Parrish, holding a 10 point lead over Jim. It is looking like we’ll likely have 7 Main Event seats plus addition minor seats at our annual week 21 “losers lounge” so lots of seats to award to our members. Last place is currently 33 points behind 7th place on the leaderboard so, with 84 points left to win over the next 6 weeks, noone is out if it!

Week 12: A Late Night (early morning) chop for Victor & Brett!

Week 12 of 20 is complete and, with his 3rd place finish this week, Joe Parrish’s top spot on our season leaderboard is ahead of 2nd by 15 points – more than a weekly win-but not out of reach. At this point we have 5 full Main Event Seats covered and 8 weeks left to cover at least a couple more so Joe is looking good to win one. There are 112 final table points left to win this season and no member is outvof it yet (some just need to kick it up a notch).

Week 18: Jim “JDawg” Collins gets the win!

With two weeks left this season in the Tampa Bay Elite Poker League, Jim “JDawg” Collins got a much needed win to move into 9th place, tied with Jim Brinkley with 78 points. 6th-11th place are all within 6 points of each other and 10 points behind Dave Bennett who is is currently in 5th place. There are 30 points still up for grabs!

Week 7: Jacob “Horseshoe” Naumann does it again’

Jacob “Horseshoe up his ***” Naumann continues his hot streak in the Elite Tampa Bay Poker League. Jacob’s 1st and Tina Pridgen’s second place finish for week 7 of 20 puts them in 1st and 2nd place on the season leaderboard as well. Read and subscribe to the blog to see the pictures and read all about the highly skilled play that will get many league members Main Event seats in this summer’s WSOP Main Event!