Spring 2018 Week 1: The new man to beat is Dugg! (and the new players) *remember Steve? Not too late to sign up!

The first week of the Spring League is complete and the man to beat is Dugg. Dugg not only won this week, but he won the last week of the Fall League as well as the Losers Lounge Free roll. We had three new players (including two ladies) in the top 5 with Deborah taking second & Jason & Cyndi , 4th & 5th. Rob Benford, a returning player who won a seat in the Main last season, took third.

There were 8 rebuys under the new policy making for a bigger prize pool. Only one rebuy allowed. The spreadsheet on the standings page shows the players who fired two bullets.

Early on some returning players got into a pretty big hand. Five or 6 players called a 300 preflop raise. Flop was As, 6s, 8c. Allen bet. Gino, who is known to player super tight, jammed. Steve, who also has a tight rep, called. Allen folded a set of 6s. Gino turned over a 57 spades for the double draw. Rob had K8 spades. Turn was a 9 clubs making Gino’s straight. River was 9 spades making Rob’s flush. Allen would have filled. He forgot about the rebuy. Most would have called with a set anyway. To quote Rob “What a nitty play for Allen”.

Tina Pridgen’s JJ ran into Trey Harrell’s QQ all in on the turn for a HUGE pot and later Derek Csanadi got the knockout when Tina’s AQo<AKo with a K on the board.

Tonia, a Main Event seat winner from last season, when she was all in preflop with QJo and new League member Jimmy Meyer’s AKo was best hand with an A high.

Everyone was SHOCKED when Steve Trizis, the Fall League season winner , did not make the final table. He brushed a tear from his eye as he said “I was just outplayed by these new Spring league players.”

In the end the Final table in order of finish was:

1. Dugg “The new Steve” Hadden

2. Deborah Farmer

3. Rob Benford

4. Jason Barnett

5. Cyndi Thuy

6. Trey Harrell

7. Tonia Williams

8. Derek Csanadi

9. Mark “Babe” Winchell

10. Sherry Wiseman

It is not too late to join the spring league, check out the “About” page for full information. You must play 15 of the 20 weeks.

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