Week 11: No Gamble No Future

Week 11 was crazy. One table was an endless rush of multiway all ins very early in the night with 6 re-entries by the time registration was over.

In Level 2 Andra opened 500 and three called. The flop was a bit of a brick and Andra bet 700. Jim Brinkley called and Dave Bennett made it 2100. Jim called. Andra checked the turn and Jim shoved. Dave Bennett tank shoved and Andra, remembering “No Gamble no Future” shoved. Jim had a straight, Dave had two pair, Andra had the nut flush draw and straight draw. Jim held sending Andra & Dave to the rebuy window.

Shortly after Jim B’s double knockout, Doc Brown>Joe Parrish

Marv Karlins AA=Rob Benford’s AA and Joe Parrish, short, was out

Jason had quad Jacks!

All in again! Doc and Jason were both all in and chopped the pot with 8T

ChrissyAK>JDawg Collins’ A9

Level two and four out already!

Another all in chop- this time Marv and Ryan

Another chop for Doc & Jason

A straight for Jim B over Doc

Jim B could not be beat! KQ♥️♥️ > QQ

Andra’s straight<Ryan’s FH for most of her chips

And then Andra was out…

Paul Kx> Darryl Axdd aipf

Jake with quad kings over Marv “Duckman” Karlins! All in on turn

We had our final table! Not even 9pm!

Austin got it all-in good with QQ against Darrell’s 86s, but did not survive and he was out 9th

Jason with the KQcc goes down to Darrell’s QQ, out 8th

Ryan fights back with the double against Paul, QJ>AK got it all in on the turn

Jacob busted to Victor- He tried to bluff and it went wrong

Rob was out in 6th. He shoved sb and Victor called BB

Victor in BB that called an all in and held.

Paul Ladisa out 5. He jammed turn and Victor called.

Jim B shoved pre and Victor called in BB. Jim out 4th

Darryl then shoved pre and Ryan called. Darryl out 3th

Ryan and victor chopped

The final table in order of finish was:

chop Victor Iemollo & Ryan Marin

3. Darryl Woodruff

4. Jim Brinkley

5. Paul Ladisa

6. Rob Benford

7. Jacob Naumann

8. Jason Barnett

9. Austin Fowler

We are just past the 1/2 way point of the season and have accumulated enough for 3 1/2 WSOP Main Event seats! With good attendance & continuing rebuys we should be in great shape by the end of the season!