Week 11: The Dragon slays his way to the Top!

Week 11 found some new faces on top but Steve Trizis and Joe Parrish had a decent finish to gather even more points to solidify them in the top two positions on the leaderboard. With 10 weeks to go there are no guarantees however.

Andrea Ruosi took first this week after battling John “Muscles” Gordon heads up. John is a tough player who has been featured on a televised WPT final table in the past so Andrea who has played extensively as well – much of it online – had a very strong opponent.

No donkeys in this league!
Early on Vegas Dave’s 22 couldn’t beat Steve’s 7s (he was chasing a straight flush)
Level one Steve’s A9 two pair over Andra’s A3 two pair

Alex was sent to the window when SuperDave’s KK> Alex’s QQ

Steve shoved and Chrissy tank called. Full house for Chrissy and Steve “The Godfather” was out! Maybe the run good is over after weeks of great finishes for Steve!

Meanwhile at the outer table Jason “the nit”’s AA

Andra called Doc Brown’s all in with AK. Doc Brown’s 33 held.

Then Andra doubled her minuscule stack when she flopped a set of Aces > Andrea

Then Andra doubled through

Steve Again! And after that doubled through SuperDave!

Meanwhile at the outer table

Joe 89
Clive 88
Tina K6dd
3 way AI on flop

Muscles knocked out Alex
Top 2pr QJ< 777

By break there were about 5 rebuys

Back at the feature table Andrea 3 bet all in after the flop and rivered his flush against Andra for a double up!

Steve’s AA weren’t cracked and he doubled through Doc Brown

Muscles AK
Tina K2
All in on turn and Tina took down the hand after very slowly showing her full house!

Andrea got the knockout and sent Doc Brown to the rail!

Andra was sent to the rail by Chrissy who has finished top two for the last two weeks.

At the outer table Joe Parrish knocked out VegasDave AIPF AK> 77

We had our final table!

In one of the first hands of the final table SuperDave Kaucher A-J vs 3-5o. On an A-3-4 flop. All in on the flop. 2 on the turn. Good bye SuperDave in 8th

Chrissy was all in preflop vs Tina with K-7. Tina hit her Full house sending Chrissy out 7th. Tina finished 6th a little later.

Steve vs Jason. AIPF. Steve blamed the dealer, Jason didn’t.

Muscles KK vs Jason all in

Jason vs Muscles. Jason out 5th!

AIPF. Steve versus Andrea “The Dragon”. Steve out 4th.

Joe vs Muscles. Muscles has a-4
Joe out 3rd.

Andrea vs muscles. Andrea won.

Andrea “The Dragon” gets the win!

Our final table in order of finish was:

  1. Andrea “The Dragon” Ruosi
  2. John “Muscles” Gordon
  3. Joe “77” Parrish
  4. Steve “The Godfather” Trizis
  5. Jason “The Nit” Barnett
  6. Tina “Always has it” Pridgen
  7. Chrissy “Thankful” Holubeck
  8. SuperDave Kaucher