Fall Losers Lounge Free Roll

At the end of each season those players who are eligible to participate due to meeting the attendance requirements participate in a free roll for at least one more prize package.  This season there were two $2500 packages awarded plus another $1500 paid to third place in losers lounge free roll.  This gives a great reason to play the whole season even if you may not make the top 10.  There are opportunities to win all the way until the end!

This season Dugg and Darryl won the two packages and Carmine won the $1500.

Darryl wants to thank all of the league members who were so kind this past month and those that offered their condolences and sent a beautiful flower arrangement to him when he suffered the loss of Joan, his wife and best friend.  We are all so thankful to be there for Darryl as he is not just a member of the league, he is our friend.

There were 13 participants in the free roll and it was quite a battle.  Andra started out strong winning the first hand of the evening limping into a 4 way pot and rivering a flush.  She was immediately up 150 and declared herself CHIP LEADER!  She then doubled early knocking Gascard out when he bet heavily into her quad 2s.  img_5561Despite many great hands she lost a couple big ones to Paul (TTT<straight) and Allen (AAA  his AAA turned FH on the river).  Sadly, she did not make it to the final table though no one really seemed that surprised.  In the end she attempted to “Bluff the Beard” when everyone knows you Respect the Beard (That’s Darryl’s beard).

Gascard earlier had a lost a big hand to Gino when Gino just wouldn’t fold his AK and rivered the K he needed after the first four cards gave a heart draw and nothing connected.  Gino is not a quitter.

Paul built up his stack with Andra’s chips and others and people took his betting very seriously.   Carmine even folded a set of 5s to Paul when he calculated that it made mathematical sense to do so.img_5564

In the end It was a battle between Dugg, who had a huge stack, Darryl and Carmine.  It lasted about an hour or so with a constant battle between Darryl and Carmine.

They kept trading chips while Dugg waited patiently playing a few hands here or there where appropriate.  At one point Darry’s A-4>Carmine’s A-5(suited) when he rivered a 4.

Carmine did explain to Darryl that A4 was a TERRIBLE hand to play and again, explained the odds of such hands.  That didn’t deter Darryl at all.  He’s just not a listener.

Dugg finally finished Carmine off when his K5dd>A7o with Carmine shoving blind.  Dugg rivered the flush and the night was over.


Our new season starts Thursday January 11th!!!  Anyone can win with the amazing structure of this league!!!