Week 4:Joe Parrish says “Not this time” to Jim Collins!

It was the final Thursday of Derby’s 80s theme. We will certainly miss Josh’s outfits-fun times. We won’t miss the long registration lines due to having an $80 tournament with an $8000 guarantee on the same night as the league!

Steve has heaps after a monster hand

Early double up – third hand of the night- for The Godfather (that’s Steve). All in on the flop. 4-6-10ssx Bob raises to $6K with JJ. Jim Collins calls with the nut flush draw A-4ss. The Godfather (that’s Steve) shoves with 4-4. Bob folds. Jim calls. Hits his flush with the 10 of spades which unfortunately gives The Godfather (that’s Steve) a full house. The Godfather (that’s Steve) wins.

No pic, because Mark is jealous, and doesn’t take pics of the pots Steve wins according yo Steve.

Steve Trizis went on to chop for 2nd in the WPT Seniors event!
Bob and Steve chopped. Bob was disappointed.


Jim stays alive > Joe Parrish

All hell broke loose! Andra shoved again, again JJ & two short stacks called getting her back above starting stack. Craig shoved several times building his 1K back up.

Steve’s run good came to an end when Jim Collins showed him what time it was.

Preflop Herb was ahead with QQ but Jim Brinkley turned his A and was already celebrating when he was four flushed by Jim Collins who had 77 – one a diamond.

Jim Brinkley’s 22>Jim Collin’s JJ

JimC A3cc>Steve AQ

At the new feature table Andra was all in for about 7K and Austin called. Andra’s JTdd>Austin’s AK when she flopped her j.

Jim C AK> Tom KT

Steve QJ> Jim B 44

Nick’s set of 9s caught Juan Dacosta off guard sending him to the rail.

Andra, short was all in. Her AK did not connect and Nick’s 55 was good.

Allen/Clive 99 > Steve 55

Jim B KK> Steve 99
Steve out

We had our final table

Joel was 9th when his KQ<AA

Joel ran deep this past week in the WPT $600 opening event!

Jim Collins, who has been dominating the league this season topping the leaderboard, had to settle for second when Joe Parrish would not let go of his chips. Joe, an expert in stacking the new (but hopefully not for much longer) Derby Chips, took up some table space with all of the chips Thursday night.

In the end the final table in order of finish was:

1. Joe Parrish

2. Jim Collins

3. Donny Campbell

4. Nick Zivolich

5. Clive Gavin

6. Herb Woodbery

7. Eric Buel

8. Ed VanLandingham

9. Joel Deutch

Some pics from the WPT event – league members and alumni did well! Some other random pics of the photogenic Craig Rice and finally – did you know league alum Kenny O’Donnell was at the feature table day two of the WSOP Main Event this year? How did we not know that!?