Week 3: Derek Worley gets the win!

We had quite a few subs this week. Our summer league has a very lenient sub policy to allow for vacations etc. that normally occur during the summer. We had league alum Jeff Ferrara playing for Matt Trizis, Alex Brown for his Dad Donald “Doc” Brown, Chris Williams for Jacob Naumann, Allen Wiseman for Dave Miller, and Nick Scholz for his Dad Bob.

The members seemed a little more jovial than usual – possibly because they have all caught on to the vodka makes you play better secret.

At the feature table stacks were going in super early and players definitely took advantage of the one rebuy allowed rule.

In one of the first hands at the feature table at 100/100, Brenda Worley raised to 2200 and Jeff Ferrara shoved. Brenda tank folded showing Queens. Jeff showed a King and said he had another one too.

Brenda then sent Ed Vanlandingham to the rail with set over set QQQ>999. Both players flopped the set and were pretty confident that they’d win

Brenda could not fade the spade and Jeff doubled up when he called Brenda’s shove with a nut flush draw. Steve Trizis announced that he folded J but nobody cared what he folded. Jeff admitted that he “sucked out on the river”

Ed V’s two pair was good and Steve Trizis was sent to the rail.

Andrea RUOSI rivered the straight to double through Ed V

Andra Zachow shoved TT and SuperDave Kaucher, short stacked with 7K called along with Jeff Ferrara who had Andra covered. SuperDave tripled through Andra and Jeff but Andra didn’t lose anything since she won chips from Jeff that covered her loss to Dave.

Brenda doubled when her A9 flopped trips and Jeff shoved. Oops.

Jeff doubled through Andrea Ruosi

Dugg doubled through Andrea Ruosi. Jeff said “get him Dugg” and Andrea said “My name is Andrea”.

Steve Trizis doubled through SuperDave Kaucher 33>QQ

Andra Zachow rivered a FH over Jeff’s flush to stay alive!

A double up for Steve Trizis

And Steve Trizis was out when Dugg Hadden flopped his 2 pair.

Andra Zachow’s A3o turned into a monster and SuperDave was out (A2ss no good)!

Double knockout for Jeff Ferrara!

Michael Laake , a notable area player, doubled through Brenda

Michael Laake, a notable area player, doubled through Jeff Ferrara who had started donking off his chips after an early run good.

Brenda bested Dugg for the knock out!

Mark Winchell was the bubble when Jeff Ferrara’s 44 was good

We had our final table

Derek doubled through Jeff Ferrara

Then a double for Steve Deloache through Brenda Worley

Michael Laake was out 8th.

Andra was out 7th when Chris Williams TT>Andra Zachow’s 88 AIPF.

Derek doubled through Jeff Ferrara

Steve Deloache bet 13.000 and Jeff Ferrara shoved. Steve found a fold.

Brenda doubled through Jeff Ferrara

And Derek sent Steve Deloache to the rail

Then Derek knocked Jeff Ferrara out.

Brenda got a full double

Derek was dominating the table. He even three bet his mom, Brenda. She folded and he showed 72o 😂

And a double for Wally!

Wally doubled through Brenda

Brenda doubled through Derek

Brenda was out 4th

….a double for Chris Williams (playing for Jacob) through Derek

Derek sent Chris to the rail 3rd

Finally Derek rivered Wally for the win! Derek had a deep run in the 2017 Colossus playing for the league. He was in the top 100 of more than 18,000 players!

The final table in order of finish was:

1 Derek Worley

2 Wally Maddah

3 Jacob Naumann (Chris Williams)

4 Brenda Worley

5 Matt Trizis (Jeff)

6 Steve Deloache

7 Andra Zachow

8 Michael Laake

9 Jordan Joeckel